Brunch at Le Mercerie

Situated 2 streets away from our apartment in Ixelles… on the corner of 2 (relatively) quiet streets sits this little hidden gem….

Time warp yourself into the Palace of Versailles or drop down the rabbit hole in an Alice in Wonderland novel – the interior of this little coffee/tea shop is picturesque & enchanting!

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HIM and I had ambled past here before – but as they do have limited opening hours – this Saturday brunch was our 1st experience actually entering & enjoying….


The Menu is limited – but I had a craving for eggs… and their brunch (served until 15h00) offered Toast de la Mercerie (a slice of sourdough toasted & brushed with garlic & virgin olive oil, topped with parma ham, sliced radishes & a poached egg!) for 14€ – really good!


HIM ordered Assiette de Jambon de Parme & de Fromages (assortment of parma ham & cheeses, served with bread & butter) for 9.50€


We washed this down with coffee & cappuccino’s in the cutest little tea cups….


All in all – it is a perfect little spot to settle down for a few moments & leave the world and its troubles at the door. Their cakes looked delectable – so I can definitely see myself stopping by in the future for a cuppa with a slice. I am however a negative ninny when I say that I think that their pricing is on the tad steep side for what I would call a small/medium sized brunch portion and that their menu is limited outside of the croissant/cake options. However – for what it is – a tea room – it gets a 10 out of 10 & I will be back!



address: Rue de Vergnies 2, Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 2 644 2140

Opening hours: Thursday – Friday: 10h00-18h00 & Saturday-Sunday: 09h30-18h00


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