A restaurant dedicated to Mushrooms = Cafe Des Spores

A few years ago – we had a supper club on a Sunday night… meeting & eating at 5/6pm at each others homes… Sadly, this died as people’s lives changed & getting a regular sunday night get together into our diaries became a bit difficult (especially when someone actually had to spend most of the day in the kitchen whipping something together)

Recently – we started a new “supper club” which we have aptly named “TEAM EAT“…. with 6 of us trying out NEW (for us) restaurants in Brussels. Our first get together was for a birthday – at SOUL, which is a bio restaurant (and promised no cream or butter – be still my heart!!!!!!) – and we had so much fun, that the concept was “re-born”.

This time – we all clapped our hands in glee to try out the well-known “Mushroom” restaurant called Cafe Des Spores!

Situated in Saint-Gilles near the beautiful commune building (and very near the Lombardie stop for tram 81 users – like me :)) – it falls into the “easy to access” category for me (an Ixelles dweller).

A small, cosy feel inside with a direct line of sight into the kitchen, (and trust me when I tell you that I love being able to see into a Kitchen…) it also offers more intimate dining space upstairs (mezzanine balcony space that overlooks the centre of the restaurant) – but we sat at a table of 6 directly opposite the open-kitchen.

cafe de spores 1

Amazingly friendly staff – really…..

The concept is pretty simple – there are 4 courses (Entrée; Main/Plat; Cheese/Fromage & Dessert) and depending on the combination you choose, determines the price

  • Entrée & Main or Entrée & Dessert = 25€
  • Main & Cheese = 27€
  • Entrée, Main & Dessert = 30€
  • Entrée, Main & Cheese = 32€
  • All 4 = 37€

Now, thankfully you don’t need to decide straight away how many courses you plan to eat… as they come around between each course to see how many people are ordering the next offering…. (obviously entrée & main courses are placed at the start). Another important note to remember is that the menu changes based on seasonality, etc… and what was seen on their website did not reflect the menu on the actual night.

cafe des spores 9

Once the drinks have been ordered (without trying to sound negative – I do want to point out that their drinks list is on the expensive side – with the most reasonably priced decent red wine costing 44€ a bottle) & our entrée/main courses documented… we were served a little amuse bouche (taster)… DELICIOUS (but was also served without any information about it…. so I am unable to explain the contents… other than mushrooms 🙂 with a creamy type froth)

cafe des spores 8

Entrée choices included “Pieds de moutons, gnocchi & brocoli” or “Chanterelles, oeuf, salsifis et huile de truffe blanche” – I opted for the first choice – which uses “Pieds de moutons” mushrooms or “muttons foot” / “hedgehog mushroom” served with gnocchi & a broccoli purée… YUM!

cafe des spores 7

Main/Plat choices included “Pleurotes, saumon, céleri et cresson” or “Shiitake, coucou de Maline, créme de butternut” or “Poêlée de champignons, lentilles vertes, petits légumes” – I went for the 3rd option – Green lentils with mini veggies & stir fried mix of mushrooms…. which was the really & truly AMAZING!

my lentils....

my lentils….

Salmon main...

Salmon main…

Cheese/Fromage only had 1 choice: “Pecorino sarde á la truffe noire, pruneaux au thé fumé” – and let’s be honest… they had me at the word “truffe” (truffle)…. this was probably the highlight dish around the table – as the black truffle strong flavour in the pecorino cheese is softened but also enhanced by the prune jam… *sigh*

cafe des spores 4

Dessert choices were “Trompettes de la mort, clémentines & panna cota” or “Le cheesecépe”… at which point we were all pretty full…. we decided that we would only get 1 dessert and many spoons. The waitron informed us that the Cheesecépe is on the menu all year round but the clementine option was seasonal – so that sealed the deal & we went for the “limited” time only offer. Sadly – the flavours did not work for me at all – the panna cota was more cheesy than sweet & the “Trompettes de la mort” (black chanterelle) a bit bitter.

cafe des spores 3

Overall – a restaurant that I would really recommend & definitely return to! Menu pricing is very reasonable, portion sizes are perfect and the taste combinations are phenomenal!

Cafe des Spores

address: Chaussee d’Alsemberg 103, 1060, Saint-Gilles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 534 13 03



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