L’Hirondelle d’or in Brussels

For M’s birthday – we decided to try out a new Asian spot in our local hood – a place that has been there for ages but we have just yet to try.

L’hirondelle d’or is around the corner from the Chatelain market with a somewhat deceiving exterior – looking like a bit of a chinese take-away from the front window – but as you walk past the counter – you will see indoor dining and an enormous terrace hidden in the back (perfect for summer sunshine – not so perfect for this time of the year).

Interior dining area is small – with part of it hidden by 2 large fish tanks….. (none of which are harmed during the evening) – but it is warm and more than adequate.

There were 6 of us – and “sharing” was the order of the evening… starting off with Nems (one vegetarian & one shrimp)

chinese 10

Plus – Chicken with Cashews, Beef with brocoli, Sweet & Sour Chicken (Fritter format), Cantonese Rice, Pad Thai, Peking Duck – so it was safe to say that we didn’t go hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then finished it all off with fresh litchi’s

When we started to sing Happy Birthday – the staff also sent over some deep-fried beinets (litchi/pineapple combo) with Sake….

Cost wise – it worked out to 25euro/ person and included wine, beer and more than enough food!

Food was tasty – and now that I know that they do take-away – it will very easily become a regular stop-off point for the evenings when cooking/eating out is not an option!

L’Hirondelle d’or

Address: Rue du Bailli 34, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

Telephone: +32 02 644 3363



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