Coffee on the go with VROOM VROOM

I had seen Vroom Vroom Coffee all over social media (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)… and thanks to the 3rd Brussels Food Friends Event – I actually got to experience the whole phenomena of “coffee on the go”.

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Now – at this point – let me gush about Elfya a bit… the lady behind the concept.

Imagine someone with a gracious, warm & friendly personality who provides you with your first hit of coffee for the day. Who speaks multiple different languages… and smells like freshly roasted coffee beans. Someone who has freshly baked a range of amazing treats to be nibbled on while you get your caffeine intake levels back to normal. A person who cares… truly cares… by providing Fairtrade gourmet coffee as well as pouring your brew into eco-friendly cups. (Not to mention the fact that she also sells awesome hand knitted cup holders where proceeds go to charity.)

I really love these cup holders!

I really love these cup holders!

Elfya is a passionate entrepreneur who has brought “coffee on the go’ to the streets of Brussels after seeing how awesome the truck revolution was in New York. With a Funky 3 wheeler food-truck, she is able to “vroom vroom” around the city to different spots in order to be at the right spot at the right time for folks to get their java.

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But it isn’t just Elfya that makes Vroom Vroom Coffee so special – but also the fact that her gourmet coffee is truly delicious! As bloggers from the #BxlFF3 can attest to!


I had a Mocha Hazelnut Bonfire Cappuccino that was DELICIOUS!!!

I truly recommend following VROOM VROOM on whichever social media platform you like (Twitter, Facebook) to get the low down on where to find them on particular days – or you can check out the website – & make sure that you show a little support!


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