Kabuki Restaurant in Brussels

It was my 2nd time returning to Kabuki… and the 2nd time we got told that we could not sit at the sushi train (conveyor belt) because we didn’t have a reservation… you think that the first time would have been enough for me to remember to make a reservation right? Well – in all fairness – the first time we went, it was a Saturday evening and the restaurant was pumping… but the second time was a Wednesday evening at 7pm, when the seats around the sushi train were half empty and remained this way.

This is what I call – clever tactics – on the restaurants part – because only if you sit at the actual sushi train can you partake in their “all you can eat sushi buffet” for 21,80€ per adult  – however if you are seated in the rest of the restaurant, then you need to order directly off their menu.


that will teach me to make a proper reservation next time!

anyhoo – Michelle (of Very Hungry Explorer) and I made our way through the restaurant to our table – and settled down to decide on what to eat. Interior decor is what you could expect in a large Japanese restaurant – with teppanyaki tables interspersed between normal dining tables (with the obligatory kimono at the teppanyaki stations for patrons to wear)

Kabuki 1 kabuki 2

I ordered some GYOZA (5 dumplings that have been fried on one side = 7,30€), plus a portion of TEMPURA ROLLS (tempura prawns, avo, cucumber & mayonnaise in a california roll = 8.40€) and finally – a portion of EDAMAME BEANS (soya beans = 4.80€)

kabuki 6 kabuki 5 kabuki 3

While Michelle opted for one of their BENTO box offerings – Miso soup, sushi plate, tempura prawn/veggies, rice, and a selection of skewers (calamari, veggie, chicken) followed by green tea ice-cream.

kabuki 4

Would I go back? Hmm… only if I remembered to make a reservation for their sushi train – otherwise, I find them a tad on the expensive side. Even though the food is tasty – there are loads of other Japanese restaurants in Brussels with better value offerings. Service is a bit hit & miss – the staff are friendly & speak multiple languages (including English) but once you place your order – the food arrives almost instantaneously & then the staff seem to disappear… so trying to get someones attention for a drinks refill or to ask for the bill becomes a bit of a hide-n-seek game.


address: Rue de Marché aux Poulets 32, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 218 8696



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