Soul (Bio Restaurant in Brussels)

Recently – I got the chance to visit SOUL restaurant (near Grand Sablon) in Brussels for dinner with 5 wonderful friends…

“Soul is an organic fusion restaurant offering tasty food, fresh, creative and above all proof that healthy food does not mean boring! Their goal is to remind people of the importance of food and especially its influence on our well-being. Most of our products are organic and free of toxic substances, and our kitchen is no butter or cream.”

And I can hear you thinking – “no cream or butter”??? What would Julia Child say??? 🙂

The actual restaurant is quite small – but still remains cozy. With gorgeous teal painted walls on one side – showcasing local photographers work.

(I apologize in advance – as the lighting wasn’t great and using the camera flash in a restaurant is a bit of a no-no for me – so the pictures are somewhat fuzzy in some cases and not the best effort… but enough with the excuses…:) )

soul 3 soul 2

soul 1 soul 5

Menus arrived along with some homemade breads & some delicious dip with olive oil & balsamic dressing

soul 4 soul 13

Mr Draper & G both ordered the ENERGY MENU 29€ – which included a LES BOULETTES DE RAMSèS (Carrot & nuts falafels with nuts salad, beetroot, avocado and yoghurt-mint sauce) as a Starter – and LE COCORICCO (Spicy organic steamed chicken filled with feta & spinach, cashew nut sauce, quiona with zucchini, broccoli, coriander and rocket salad) as a main.

the stuffed chicken breasts

the stuffed chicken breasts

The birthday girl ordered the LA SHRIMP’S PARTY 13€ as a starter (Shrimps ceviche with coriander & mango served with melon & rocket salad) and LA DORADE AU SAUNA 20€ (Steamed sea bream with slices of lemon served with feta tzatziki, lentils, grilled eggplant, green beans and green salad) as her main course.

the seabass looked amazing...

the seabass looked amazing…

Miss America opted for LE CôTE COTTAGE 11€ as a starter (Lentils & Cottage cheese salad with pear, basil & gomasio) and to be honest… I can’t remember the main – except that it was one of the fish choices (nor did I get a picture of it – as we were all starving at this point)

this was the cottage cheese starter ... amazing...

this was the lentil & cottage cheese starter … amazing…

Señorita ordered the LA MOZZA à MA FAçON 11.50 as a starter (mozzarella, beetroot, avocado & eggplants with pinenuts, sauce vierge, rocket salad and balsamic reduction) and the LES BOULETTES DE RAMSèS II 16€ (Carrots & nuts falafels on a bed of quinoa, grilled eggplant, feta tzatziki, green beans, a mint-yoghurt sauce and green salad) as her main course.

another winning starter....

another winning starter….

and Moi – the LES BOULETTES DE RAMSèS 11€  (Carrot & nuts falafels with nuts salad, beetroot, avocado and yoghurt-mint sauce) and the LA VOYAGEUSE 19€ (Marinated Prawns in Asiatic vinaigrette with sesame seeds served with lentils, sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini, coriander and green salad) as my main course.

carrot falafel starter

carrot falafel starter

My prawn main course...

My prawn main course…

Seriously – it was delicious… every mouthful packed with flavour! My only negative (if you can even call it a negative) was that although each item on my main course plate was delicious and flavoursome by itself – I really didn’t feel that the courgettes and sweet potatoes worked with the prawns & lentils. (Plus – I must also point out that we did wait a bit of time for the feed – but the wait was worth it)

Would I return – yes, the food was delicious, the service was friendly… price wise – it was a tad on the pricey front (40 euros each – with only one bottle of wine shared amongst some and water for the rest)


address: rue de la Samaritaine 20, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 513 52 13 (Reservations only by phone)



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