Eat! Brussels 2014

Unfortunately, I missed Eat! Brussels last year (2013) as we were exploring the beautiful city of Edinburgh – but I was lucky enough to enjoy it the first year that launched (2012) = of which you can read more here.

eat brussels

It had been a crazy weekend, with dinners, events, hairdresser appointments, Singing Brussels at Bozaar and more dinner – but I twisted HIM’s & M’s arms and we headed down on the Saturday around lunchtime. (Please note that not a lot of twisting was required… and I might have actually made both of them very concerned as I refused to finalise a “plan” on exact timings… but this is another story within itself! :))

From the 11th to the 14th of September 2014, the Bois de la Cambre was transformed into a fairy tale picture-perfect setting of lush green grass, pink felt walkways & crisp white tents featuring all wonders of glorious food & bordeaux wines!

eat brussels 10

We started off by attending one of the workshops whereby Fabrice Krier gave a 45min introduction to Bordeaux Wines (in French at 1.30pm on the Saturday) – sadly, my french is rotten – so HIM and M would have to whisper a bit of the translation for me (but I think I might have convinced everyone that I knew what I was doing – by sniffing, tasting, swirling, etc… ok, maybe not! :)). I also have to confess that both of the wines that we tasted during this workshop where too strong, peppery & heavy for my tastebuds.

eat brussels 4

eat brussels 3

After this – with stomachs starting to rumble – we checked out each stall before deciding on what to nibble on.

HIM is not a fan of the small portions/fancy schmancy stuff & was very happy with Cheeseburger & frites (10 tokens) from GUIGNOL (he also declared that although he normally isn’t a fan of ketchup/tomato sauce – he really enjoyed the one that they served with the frites, as it was sweet. But he did mention that the beef patty was too thick.)

eat brussels 9

I am a huge fan of O’LIBAN (you can read a previous review here) – plus crowd surrounding their stand was definitely an indicator that their food was a winner! I opted for a falafel wrap (6 tokens) – and only after I had walked away, settled down and taken my first (BIG) bite did I realise that I had been given a beef wrap instead… No matter – it was still good. The only “other” negative, is that because the portion size was so big – I couldnt eat anything else because I was so full!

eat brussels 6

And M got an assortment of goodies – salads, etc from BABDAR

eat brussels 7 eat brussels 8

We only spent 2hr there in total – and didn’t use up all our tokens – but I know of many other friends who spent hours upon hours there and had a wonderful time – eating & drinking to their full!!

eat brussels 1

I really hope that there will be a 4th installment in 2015… #justsaying

HIM and I bought a 70€ duo pass – which included 2 wine glasses with cute little white bag to hold the glasses in & 22 wine tastings PLUS 46 tokens & 2 coffee/water tickets. Each token is also representative of 1euro. All drinks (excl wine tastings) needed to be purchased with an additional token as a deposit – which was returned when the glass/bottle was brought back to the bar.


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