Focaccia Making Course (Bookalokal Brussels)

I have had the pleasure to attend & host a few bookalokal dinners – but I had not yet been to any of the cooking workshops that are on offer … vowing that I would… Also – having met the lovely Arianna from Un altro colore at numerous other events – and having tasted her delicious baking, jams & breads – I knew that I wanted to be in one of her workshops!

So, when a fellow foodie visitor from Canada was in Brussels, I dragged HIM and her along to one of the focaccia making courses (which included tasting & aper0-pizza) that Arianna was hosting.

focaccia 3

For a mere 28euro per person – you get involved in an interactive workshop, nibbles beforehand (which included the most amazing sweet Apricot sourdough focaccia) and pizza & drinks afterwards!!! Not to mention the fact that you get to take home your proofing dough as well – so another meal!! What I would call an absolute bargain – and SO much fun!

focaccia 4

Arianna is Italian & speaks French & English… and this girl really knows her stuff when it comes to baking…  and running a workshop – i.e. she provided sufficient time (and patience) to answer our questions, while still making the workshop more of fun experience than a “school book learning” one.

As we were 3 people in the same household attending – we decided that HIM & I would only do half of the recipe each, while our friend did a full recipe – meaning that we went home with 2 large bowls – ready for the oven (or in our case, the fridge, because we decided to bake it the following day).


We had 4 distinct toppings prior to baking (all of which were more-ish)

  1. goats cheese & fried red onions
  2. tomato & basil
  3. rosemary & salt
  4. ham & olive tapenade

focaccia 6 focaccia 10 focaccia 11

If you can’t find an already planned workshop date that suits you, you can always use the bookalokal site to request one of your own….and even better if you can get a group together.

We give this a 5/5 rating & highly recommend it!


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