Forcado Pastelaria (Brussels)

I had been to Le Petit Forcado before… but when it was just a tiny shop selling a few pastel de nata’s & jams… a shop that was just bigger than a shoebox (ok – a slight exaggeration – but you know what I mean!) And obviously – I knew about them because HIM is Portuguese and he knew where to get the best Pastel de Nata’s from! (PS – singular = Pastel & plural = Pasteis)

And then suddenly – I saw an instagram account for Forcado pop up… and then on Facebook … and it looked completely different and MUCH bigger!

So HIM and I sauntered over on Saturday morning to check it out.

forcado 5

The interior was gorgeous – clean, fresh & modern with loads of seating space. Don’t you love it????

forcado 2

We also found out that it was still the “old” Forcado that we knew – it has just moved a few doors down on Chaussée de Charleroi & was being managed by the son… and still offering a wonderful array of baked treats & jams.

My favourite!

My favourite!

We ordered coffee’s, juice & a few of their tasty treats (pasteis de nata being one of them)… sat back and enjoyed every mouthful!

forcado 3 forcado 4

Suggestion – GO!! They bake all their pastries on site and have a wonderful selection of gluten-free options as well (HIM had an almond gluten-free muffin which he enjoyed… particularly because he said it was “sweet” :)) We hope to see you there again!


address: 196 Chaussée de Charleroi, 1060, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 539 0019


Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10h00-18h00


8 thoughts on “Forcado Pastelaria (Brussels)

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  2. I saw your post about Forcado just as I left Brussels for my summer holiday so it took me a few weeks to finally check out their new location (which, thankfully, is only a short walk from my flat). Loved the pasteis and adored the decor!

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