Boston Steakhouse (Brussels)

HIM and I have a bit of a weekend tradition going – not necessarily every weekend – but at least once a month on a Saturday.

We head out to movies at De Brouckere in Brussels… the afternoon matinée if you must know… and we normally stop off at either BiaMara or Pizza Pronto for lunch beforehand… but we have come to the conclusion that neither HIM nor I like watching movies in 3D. Me – because the 3D glasses don’t fit properly on my face over my normal spectacles… and HIM because he says it gives him a headache afterwards.

So this past weekend – when we were hoping to catch up on a latest film release – we realise that we would have to visit Toison d’Or theatres instead… which meant a change in lunch venue.

Now normally – I avoid the strip of restaurants on Toison d’Or or close to Trone Metro stop – because they have a “touristy’ feel to them (no idea what that actually means – but I just figure that they might not be THAT good)… oh – how wrong I was!

We landed up inside Boston Steakhouse – with the friendliest waiter this side of Brussels (seriously – I couldn’t believe how nice he was to us), great food and reasonable pricing. Why had I waited so long to go there?

The interior is really pwetty…. (yes – the w instead of a r is on purpose)… because it has a bit of a glam feel to it – leather furnishing, winding staircases, hanging chandeliers, mirrors & fresh flowers on the bar… (the latter is something that I truly love!)

boston 1 boston 2 boston 3

HIM and I both opted for burgers – which were ENORMOUS, cooked the way we ordered them (mine to medium so still pink but no blood – and HIM’s to dead) – with a pile of frites that although not hand cut, were more-ish (that means I wanted More… and more… and more… even when I was so full that I had visions of being rolled out of the front door and down the road :))

boston 4 boston 5

Would we go back? Yes – definitely a spot to pop into when in this part of town (whether it be for movies or shopping)


address: Avenue de la Toison d’Or 2, 1050 Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 512 73 53


email address:


6 thoughts on “Boston Steakhouse (Brussels)

  1. I have to say I’m really surprised by this one. I’ve always avoided it because I lumped it into the same category as the Brussels Grill which I vowed never to go back to after I had a huge serving of terrible service with a side of food poisoning 😛 I guess I shouldn’t have judged this book by its cover!

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