Green Soup with Blue Cheese

I blame HIM… well, not so much blame… but place credit upon….

As a child, I would only eat tomato soup… and even this had to be the smooth, can variety… I later added chicken noodle soup to my repartee of soups – once again – the packet soup version… a “chicken” flavoured broth with a few floating mini flower shaped noodles.

It was only in my early teens that I started to eat a few more variations… pumpkin, pumpkin and errr… and once again the picky child would only eat the soups if they were smooth… no floaters!!

And finally – as an adult, I adore a good soup… chunky, smooth, you name it… (even if a smooth soup is my first choice) And of course, HIM adores soup… so there is normally a pot a week in our household.

With this in mind – I recently decided to lose myself in the kitchen with baking, cooking, etc… because there is something very therapeutic with chopping, peeling and stirring… a rhythmic motion that is has a calming effect… right?!?

Anyway – I glanced into our half empty fridge and pulled out everything that I could use – celery, broccoli, leeks, blue cheese and decided to make a soup! Plus, soup is comforting in itself….

Green Veg Soup with Blue cheese

green soup 4

1 head of broccoli

1 leek

6 sticks of celery

1 onion

600ml stock (I use chicken stock)

blob of butter

blue cheese (as little or as much as you like – I used the whole block)

green soup 1

  • cut the broccoli into florets, slice onion, leek & celery
  • Melt butter in a large pot & fry the leek & onion
  • Add the celery, broccoli & stock
  • cook for 15-20min until the broccoli is soft
  • Blitz in the blender to make a smooth texture
  • Place back into the pot with the crumbled blue cheese & simmer to melt the cheese
  • Serve!

green soup 3


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