King Kong (Brussels)

Let me explain…. There wasn’t a building sized gorilla in Brussels… I promise!

BUT there is a new Peruvian restaurant on Chaussée de Charleroi (walking distance from our place) that is on the top 5 list of “IT” places to be right now. (Yes – I admit it…I gave in to peer pressure and followed a trend… probably because I had seen pictures all over Instagram, Twitter & Facebook about the place… and was dying to see what the hype was all about!)

So Alison, Michelle & I met up with high expectations for KING KONG.

king kong 1

We walked through the doorway into what can only be described as a fast food counter…. a big white board above a counter/kitchen offering a selection of hot & cold sandwiches, sides & drinks. You grab your drinks from the nearby fridge, place your order, pay & then head into the back to wait.

king kong 2

The “inside”or back of the place is very different to the first impression – with hanging planters, big bold lamps & wooden decking on the walls….  (and an outdoor area without tables & chairs)

king kong 5 king kong 4 king kong 3

It was a VERY hot evening – and the heat of the kitchen and ovens in the front permeates right through the place… thankfully the door to the unfinished terrace was open… and the beers were cold!

king kong 6

Alison & both ordered the Chicharron (a bun filled with sliced sweet potato, salad, dressing & pork- 6.95€)  which was delicious (particularly because the sweet potato was SO perfect). While Michelle opted for the warm Butifarra (same as the chicarron but with a thick piece of cooked ham – 6.95€). and of course – we all ordered a side of Papas al horno (roasted baby potatoes served with a dipping sauce – 3.50€).

king kong 8 king kong 10 king kong 9 king kong 7

I have to say that this is a complete Hipster hang-out (and I think we might have pulled down the average age by a fair amount) – but the food was tasty, cheap and very filling… and the perfect “quick stop” option for lunch or dinner… fun, yes – but not fine dining.


address: 227 Chaussée de Charleroi, 1060, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 02 537 0196Display phone number

7 thoughts on “King Kong (Brussels)

  1. Having enjoyed a delicious Peruvian meal in Amsterdam, I am now convinced that Peru has got some good honest food. I’ll have to keep King Kong in mind the next time I visit brussels!

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