Choc Hot Pots

One of the awesome things about the recent #BxlFF (Brussels Food Friends) event was the goodie bag… and what the goodie bag entailed!

We were super lucky to have CHOCOLERO as one of our sponsors… and therefore I dedicate this recipe to them. But before I share all the details of how I used their chocolate – I do want to share a little something about me (and HIM).

We love Sunday lunches… post church – eat & be merry afternoons filled with friends, food & fun! We love to host (duh!) and we find ourselves breaking bread (amongst other things) with some truly awesome people. The problem is… we are out of the house from 11am until 1.3opm… so hosting a lunch needs to be pretty much planned & prepped in advance.

Sounds easy, right? Well, of course it is, if you have a whole repartee of make-ahead entertaining recipes… mine include chicken pot pies & lasagna…  the rest of my main meal entertaining options normally require me to be IN the kitchen for a while before guests arrive. (And the same can be said for desserts… to be made in advance (either the night before or morning of))….

This means that I am now permanently on the look out for excellent recipes that don’t have me sweating frantically minutes before the doorbell rings…

This dessert was inspired by the fact that I had those wonderful bars of chocolate – but also because I love to “re-read” my pile of recipe books over and over again (the way other people read fiction/non-fiction when they go to bed)… and of course, who else, other than the sultry queen of spoon licking can provide fuss-free cooking inspiration – but – Nigella Lawson!

choc pots final 2 choc pots final 3

I adapted the recipe to provide 6 (her’s serves 4) & omitted the chocolate chips – cos I figured it would be chocolate-y enough!


200g chocolate
200g butter
200g sugar
3 eggs
4 tablespoons flour

  • Melt chocolate & butter in a bowl over gently boiling water
  • choc pots melting
  • Beat together sugar, eggs & flour
  • Add cooled chocolate mixture to sugar mixture
  • Place into 6 greased ramekins
  • choc pots pre oven
  • Bake for 20min at 200c (until tops are spongy – but the bottom will be all gooey & delicious)
  • choc pots post oven
  • choc pots final

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