Dales (Black Angus) Restaurant (Cape Town)

Oops – a bit of a delay in posting this one as it is from my trip to Cape Town in the beginning of May… anyhoo… better late than never, right?

This is what I call a *hidden gem*… a restaurant in a mini shopping mall centre in Milnerton (in Royal Ascot called “Paddocks”)… with a handful of other restaurant type offerings (Wimpy, Mugg & Bean, Vida e Cafe, simply Asia & Ocean Basket…). But what makes Dales stand out for me is the fact that they offer some amazing food at exceptionally reasonable prices!!!

Mommabear & I had lunch there, the day before I was to return back to Europe and my only regret was that we hadn’t been earlier in my trip so that I could have eaten there more than once!

The interior reminds me of a cross between upmarket pub & upmarket restaurant – but the fact that the entrance is via a shopping mall (food court type area)… distracts from how awesome this place really is. Sadly – when we went for lunch on a Friday… we were one of two tables – which is a really pity considering how good their kitchen is… so I hope that evening & weekend trade is much better.

Dales interor

Mommabear ordered the GAMMON STEAK DE LUXE (Grilled gammon steak adorned with bacon, camembert & avocado R115) – and they are not shy on the camembert or avocado as you can see!

dales gammon steak 1 dales gammon steak 2

I ordered the PRINCE PRAWN FILLET (Soft as butter and topped with 3 prince prawns simmered in Dales legendary creamy garlic sauce R165) – and it was AMAZING! There was however, enough garlic on this one plate to kill off the entire cast of “Vampire Diaries”… but still – truly delicious! And those roast potatoes… OUT of this WORLD… crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside… Mmmm

dales garlic steak 2 dales garlic steak 1

Would I return? ABSOLUTELY….

Dales Black Angus Restaurant

address: shop 15, Paddocks Shopping Centre, Milnerton, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

telephone: +27 21 551 7776


email: office@blackangus.co.za This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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