Les Canailles du Chatelain (Brussels)

It has been a CrAzY 2weeks… work has been keeping me way busier & for longer hours than normal… HIM and I are in the process of finalising plans for our second (wedding) celebration to be held in Portugal in just over a month… AND we just had the second #BxlFF (Brussels Food Friends) blogger event (which I helped to organise along with 3 other fab ladies – namely, Michelle of Very Hungry Explorer (who does all the Facebook administration), Alison of Cheeseweb fame (who re-designed our website) & Andreea of On Food & wine. But more about the event in a later post!

The above only serves as a reason for why it has taken me so long to get my a-into-g to write & publish a post… but now the waters are calmer & I can “make the time”.

Mr Draper & I checked out the restaurant Les Canailles du Châtelain last night…

les canailles card

The weather was fantastic – but I was just not in a “terrace” eating kind of mood – we did however get placed at a table near the terrace door opening and this was perfect… the cool twilight air but still inside.

The interior of the place has clean lines (no clutter) but still remains elegant in a simple kind of way.

les canailles interior 2 les canailles interior 1 les canailles terrace

As we sipped on our aperitif’s and played catch up on news of the past few weeks – we were presented with a basket of bread & pork rillette (similar to a paté – the meat is heavily salted & then cooked slowly in fat until it can be shredded – then it is left to cool in the fat to become a paste/paté type consistency… perfect for spreading on bread)

les canailles bread

Mr Draper ordered the Burger with Country ham, mustard sauce, caramelized onions – served with fries & salad (16.90€)

les canailles bacon burger

While I opted for the Foie Gras topped Burger served with fries & salad (20.90€)

les canailles foie gras burger

les canailles burgers

And finally – the meal was just screaming for a little bit of sweet to end the night off with… so I ordered their Cafe Gourmand (6.70€) – and what I love about this offering is that you get a mouthful of at least 2 desserts served with a cup of coffee… which is perfect for people (like me) who only want a spoonful of dessert and not the whole portion!

les canailles cafe gourmand

Would I go back? It was a lovely restaurant, service was excellent and the food was tasty… but I have to admit that 21euros is a bit pricey for a burger (even if it does have a piece of foie gras liver on it). Having said that – I would return because the rest of their menu screams “eat me”.


address: 38 Rue de Bailli, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 647 06 16


Open : Tuesday – Saturday: 12h – 14h30  & 19h – 23h


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