The Crusting Pie (London)

I love London…. I can’t help it… but I just do…. the hustle & bustle, the language (oops), the accents, the diversity & of course, the pubs….

HIM doesn’t understand the allure that this city has over me… probably because his first trip over, was with me for a “tourist” weekend and it didn’t stop pouring with rain – so much so, that we abandoned our hop on hop off bus trip because we can’t see a single thing through the windows and landed up spending most of the day in St Pauls Cathedral (which HIM declared was more of a sightseeing venue than a place of worship)….

So when I presented HIM with the idea of returning to London for a weekend – it took some convincing… but I used the ideas of visiting Warner Studios (“Making of Harry Potter”) & seeing a show in the West End as dangling carrots… plus the concept of a couples weekend away appealed to us both… so, it was approved, planned & booked.

As we disembarked the Eurostar & went in search of a taxi – HIM looked at me with raised eyebrows and commented on the “rain”… “Again??”, he said. Was this to be a repeat of our first visit?

We dropped off our suitcase at our hotel… in the West End… had a cup of coffee while wistfully staring out the window at the rain coming down… and at the first available dry spell – we headed out to Covent Garden Market (something that I had been google-boxing for weeks leading up to this weekend).

Covent Garden Market in the evening

Covent Garden Market in the evening

I loved this place… the market stalls, the restaurants, the buskers. The sights and sounds seemed to scare away the clouds and pretty soon, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and we were settling down in the Crusting Pie (pub) for a bit of lunch.

the crusting pie interior 2 the crusting pie interior 1

Perfectly situated in the Covent Garden Market – with an outdoor (but covered) courtyard – we sat and listened to a live operatic performance (busker) happening in the aforementioned courtyard and reviewed the menu…

the crusting pie menu

HIM (obviously) chose the Bangers & Mash (with caramelised onion gravy £12.95) – and declared them to be “quite good” (which is always a compliment from him :))

the crusting pie sausages and mash

The waitress had told us about their daily specials – one of which being Foie Gras (which those who know me is my cryptonite)…  however, in my lack of knowledge – I assumed it would be in paté format.. but it wasn’t – it was pan-fried and served on toasted brioche with fig preserve £12.95 – and it was DELICIOUS… absolutely and utterly delicious… I don’t normally like liver just as is… but prefer the combination of cream, etc to make a paté – but I could honestly say that it was melt-in-the-mouth perfect! And served with a delicious heritage tomato salad (which also tasted like tomatoes!!! Who knew!?!)

the crusting pie liver & tomato salad

As I was under the impression that the Foie Gras was a starter portion (and paté at that) – I also ordered the Soup of the Day (which was leek & potato 5.95£) – and sadly, what I can only describe as “forgettable”.

the crusting pie soup

Would I go back? ABSOLUTELY… the staff were accommodating, friendly & knowledgeable of the wines that would suit the food we ordered, the ambiance (we were inside) was fantastically pub-like and comfy… and of course the food was delicious.


address: 27 The Market Covent Garden WC2E 8RD, London, UNITED KINGDOM

telephone: +44 20 7836 1415

Open daily from 10am


5 thoughts on “The Crusting Pie (London)

  1. I love London too and in particular Covent Garden. I also went to the Harry Potter exhibition with my step-daughter-to-be for her birthday last year and I enjoyed as much, if not more, than she did! Apparently my ‘acting’ on the broomstick was a little over enthusiastic! Another really great treat for us both was to see something her Dad had made in situ, one of the Hogwarts Towers that you see right at the end of the tour!

    I hope you made it there too and enjoyed as much as we did.

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