On the same evening that I partook in a few glasses of “Half n Half” at Le Petit Canon (read post here)… I also met up with 2 of my favourite Canadians… for a decent catch-up and a bit of silly-ness (the latter proved to be true – but details shall not be revealed on this forum… or at least not until they continue to pay the blackmail:))

Jokes aside…

I met up with Mr Draper & M for a few glasses of Italian Rosé and some fantastic Italian grub at a place called Gazzetta – near Place Stephanie.

We sat inside on comfortable bar stools (or at least – they sat on the stools – while I perched myself on the long bar stool length bench at the window)…

The interior is fun – clean and modern… and I love the use of the centre open cupboard solution… not to mention the open kitchen view.

gazzetta interior gazzetta interior 2

When Mr Draper had first mentioned the place – I checked out their website & menu and my initial reaction was that it was an upmarket version of La Piola (which everyone knows is my favourite go-to restaurant for my weekly bowl of pasta… and of course to check out the staff). Having said that – I was suitably impressed.

gazzetta table wine

We started off with 3 antipasti’s to share:  Planche de charcuteries mixtes (Platter of sliced meat) 8.80€, Mozzarella di Bufala (Mozzarella & tomatoes) 11.90€ and one of my new favourite dishes Scarmozza afumicata al pomodoro (normally a pan of tomato pureé with scarmozza cheese melted into it) 11.90€

gazzetta food gazzetta cheese

All of this went down very well… and soon another bottle was devoured

And we were hungry again… so we opted for Planche de fromages mixtes (Platter of mixed cheeses) 9.40€ and a bowl of Al pomodoro e basilico (tomato & basil pasta) 12.50€ to share.

gazzetta pasta 2 gazzetta pasta 1 gazzetta cheese 2

All in all – staff were friendly, food was tasty and it was a fun (silly) night out.

Would I return? I like the place… and would definitely consider returning for a repeat of the evening (drinks & nibbles)… but as a replacement to my favourite pasta spot – it is not.


address: 12 rue de la Longue Haie, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 2 513 92 13


Facebook and website:


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