Devon Valley Hotel: Flavours: Sunday Lunch

I was in Cape Town recently (as many of you probably know)… for a 2week holiday… but also for my mommabear’s 60th birthday….And in terms of timing…  this also happened to be in the same period as Mothers Day!

So, for a family gathering of 9 people (3 mothers), celebrating how wonderful these women are… we couldn’t actually host a lunch at someone’s house… as then there would be work involved for one (or more) of these lovely ladies… and/or more family members… so the decision was made to find a restaurant to accommodate us.

Mommabear had been to Devon Valley Hotel (in Stellenbosch) for a conference a couple of months before and had raved about their restaurant, Flavours… not to mention, the location & views!!!

devon outside 3 devon outside 2 devon outside 1

The winning drawcard – was that they were keeping their normal sunday buffet pricing of R170 per person on this momentous day… and still offering such an amazing variety of foods. So we booked 🙂

We arrived a little earlier on the day – in order to enjoy the view, take some pictures and have a drink in their bar area (directly opposite the restaurant), as lunch is served from 12h30 until 15h00 (specific timings for their Sunday buffet).

gorgeous bar area

gorgeous bar area

devon lounge 1

On entering the restaurant area… it was hard not to be impressed by the groaning tables of food, the beautifully set tables & the overall ambiance of the room.

devon dining 2 devon dining 1

The Starter table included the Chef’s soup of the day, homemade bread rolls (which were a winner at our table), assorted quiches, pan-fried calamari with garlic & herbs and a wide selection of salads (with the roasted aubergine, shaved courgette & feta being another favourite).

my starter plate (the aubergine was Mmmm)

Dad’s starter plate (the aubergine was Mmmm)

Uncle A's bowl of soup

Uncle A’s bowl of soup

selection of starters...

selection of starters…

and more starters...

and more starters…

The main section included roasted Karoo Lamb (which melted in my mouth and was exquisite), Roast Pork (with crackling), Oxtail, Chicken & mushroom pie, roast potatoes, broccoli & cauliflower covered in a cheese sauce and other vegetables…. all more delicious than the next!

main course plates groaned with all the difference offerings

main course plates groaned with all the difference offerings

devon mains 1

and finally – the dessert table with so many exquisite sweet treats & a fabulous cheeseboard for those without the sweet tooth.

even fruit kebabs!!

even fruit kebabs!!

devon dessert table 1 devon desserts 2 devon desserts 1 devon desserts 3

I have to honestly say that for R170 per person, the food offering is excellent and there was not a single item available that wasn’t delicious. Plus – they definitely get my vote because the number of times I saw them replenish dishes that were starting to look a little empty meant that there wasn’t that mad rush by the entire restaurant to the buffet in order not to “miss out”.

The only negative thing that I would say is that because it was such a busy day – getting our drinks orders in & having them served took a long time… and the poor waitress was completely overwhelmed when we ordered a bottle of bubbles and expected them to be served in champagne flutes (as she was about to pour them into the wine glasses). But if this is the only negative thing… then it really pales in comparison on how wonderful the venue is, how friendly the staff were and how delicious the food was!

Would I return? Absolutely…. In fact, HIM and I are planning a return visit to SA in December… and we think that we should spend more than just a meal time here… as the entire Devon Valley Hotel looks like it could be a dream destination (plus they have some seriously fabulous specials – including winetastings, etc etc!!)

Devon Valley Hotel – Flavours Restaurant

address: Devon Valley Road, Devon Valley, Stellenbosch, SOUTH AFRICA

telephone: +27 21 865 2012



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