Breakfast at Peck 47

A ‘Peck‘ is a dry measure of volume at the market or it could refer to the term “peckish”, which means hungry – but whichever one it is – the new spot called Peck 47 is somewhere hip & fun to visit.
Offering sandwiches, soups, breakfasts, meat & cheese boards along with a wide range of drinking options – from coffees & teas to smoothies.. fruit juices… beers, wine & cocktails
The interior is no-nonsense, full of light, unique and somewhat quirky… (especially when you look at the wall artwork)
peck walls peck menu peck interior
We got there around 11-ish on the recent public holiday (Thursday 29th May)… to find that they were half full… but within half an hour – every seat was taken.
M ordered the PECK 4 (eggs with greens & sourdough soldiers 8€)
peck 4
HIM ordered the PECK 5 (eggs, bacon & spinach on whole wheat bun 8€)
peck 5
and I opted for the PECK 3 (Poached eggs on sourdough toast with choice of smoked salmon or bacon 8€) – I went for bacon!!
peck 3
The breakfasts were tasty & filling – decent portion sizes for a reasonable price.
We then stayed a little longer and ordered a few more items…
Healthy smoothie – GREEN (Basil, lemon & vanilla 5€ served in a mason glass jar) – which was DELICIOUS
peck smoothie
Cake of the day – cheesecake 4€
peck cheesecake
All of this – washed down with cappuccino’s & tea’s….
peck tea
peck capuccino
I must point out that they are still in “opening” mode – so no spinach was served on Peck 5 (and no explanation was given)… the staff are a mix of uber-friendly & efficient to a poor girl who couldn’t speak French or English and was in a bit of a state trying to take orders…
Would we return? Definitely! their lunch Peck menu looks intriguing with  homemade soups and interesting baguette fillings… and they have recently launched some very delicious looking cocktails (served in mason jars as well)….
address: 47 rue Marche Aux Poulets, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM
Telephone: +32 2 513 02 87
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 07h30-17h00; Friday-Saturday: 07h30-22h00 & Sunday: 11h00-18h00

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