Blueberry Cheesecake (fridge)

I found this recipe in one of those promotional Lakeland booklets.

Lakeland is a UK range of baking & kitchenware… not that I own any – but I did love the recipe that they provided :

And this is a recipe that I will definitely make again! Even though there is a little bit of work in making the berry sauce… the rest of the dessert is so easy and quick – that it more than makes up for it! Plus – NO baking time 🙂 as it sets in the fridge and doesn’t need to see the inside of an oven!

Blueberry cheesecake

blueberry cheesecake 2

100g butter, melted
200g digestive biscuits, crushed
450g cream cheese
2 Tablespoons sugar
150g Blueberries
2 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons water

blueberry cheesecake ingredients 2

  • Mix the melted butter with the crushed biscuits
  • Spread evenly onto a greased & lined tart tin – pressing down firmly
  • Refrigerate for 1hr
  • Beat together cream cheese & sugar
  • Spread over biscuit base
  • Refrigerate until firm
  • Place blueberries, sugar and water into a pan over a low heat
  • simmer for about 10-15min
  • remove from heat, leave to cool slightly & press through a sieve, discarding pulp
  • Pour the sauce over the top of the cheesecake
  • Refrigerate overnight

blueberry cheesecake 1 blueberry cheesecake 3 blueberry cheesecake 5

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