Lunch at Squires (Cape Town)

As some of you are aware… I have just back from a glorious 2week holiday in Cape Town (South Africa)… catching up with friends, family and celebrating mothers day… as well as my mom’s 60th birthday. I also got to see 2 of my friends recent additions to their families (baby girls!!), sleep, shop, eat and rest (in no particular order).

One of the traditions that my mommabear & I have, is a day at Grand West Casino (yes – gambling… but responsibly and with no thoughts or ideas or dreams of winning – just a morning or afternoon of entertainment)…

this also normally means that we will grab lunch in the complex….

Being there on a Monday at lunchtime – meant that most restaurants were empty… not just empty… but deserted!! This normally creates the issue that the kitchen will be quiet… food will take forever for them to cook and serve (as they have to basically start from scratch), waitrons will get side-tracked talking to each other and ignore the customers… and when you do get your food … it will be disappointing.

Thankfully – we had none of that!

We visited Squires… and happened to be one of the three tables in there…. our waiter was friendly and very efficient… and the food was amazing!

Mom ordered the Fish & Chips option….(fresh fish in a beer batter served with chips – R85)

squires fish and chips

while I opted for a Magalies Fillet (fillet steak served on a bed of sautéed spinach & roasted butternut, topped with fried onion rings and drizzled with a sweet chilli sauce – R160) – served with choice of chips, rice or baked potato (I opted for the latter)

squires steak 3 squires steak 2 squires steak 1

All in all – this was definitely one of the nicest steaks that I have had in a long time (although nothing compares to the Le Bugatti steak…). In terms of returning, I wouldn’t drive out here just for the food – it is definitely my first choice in terms of restaurants while there (don’t get me wrong – I love nando’s & spur… but these are more of a fast food option than actual sit-down dining option)

Squires Grill & Chophouse

address: Grandwest, 1 Vanguard Drive, Goodwood, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

telephone: +27 021 534 9194

no website found


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