Apple Cheese and Beer Bread (SRC)

It is that time of the month again!!!

Just a reminder what SRC means => The Secret Recipe Club supports a group of food bloggers, by encouraging each other to read & re-create recipes from each others blogs. The method involves a monthly assignment, whereby each blogger is assigned another’s blog – where that months recipe needs to be found… and a specified reveal day per group. (And this is group A’s reveal day!)


For the month of May – I got allocated Edisia’s Notebookwritten by Lesa, a stay at home mom to 2 beautiful girls and a very happy wife, who (like myself) loves to try out new recipes!! (Kindred souls, I tell you!) The name of her blog, Edisia, relates back to the Roman Goddess of the Feast who presides over banquets (and I seriously couldn’t think of a better alter ego than that!), Her food is family friendly and easy to make… and of course… easy to enjoy 🙂

I really drooled over her recipe index… and finally settled on making her apple cheese beer bread. I did make a few adjustments along the way – I omitted the apple sauce and increased the amount of beer … plus I didn’t cook the apple with onions – and rather added it “raw’ to the bread, which didn’t affect the bread negatively.

This is definitely a recipe that I would make again….  I served it with some homemade pea & broccoli soup… and the sweetness of the bread was perfect for dunking 🙂 plus, this bread made some awesome toasted sandwiches the next day (with ham & cheese!!)

Apple Cheese Beer Bread

apple cheese bread final

½ cup apple, peeled and grated (use paper towel to remove any excess moisture)
3 cups flour
3 Tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
1 & ½ cups beer (I used Leffe)

apple cheese bread ingredients

  • Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl
  • Peel & grate apple and leave to drain (use kitchen towels to further remove any excess liquid)
  • apple cheese bread grated apple
  • Add apple, beer & cheese to the mixture
  • Stir together until just moist
  • Place into a greased & lined bread tin
  • apple cheese bread pre oven
  • Bake at 180C for 40-50min
  • Cool

apple cheese bread post oven apple cheese bread post oven 2 apple cheese bread with soup

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