Le Chatelain Boutique Hotel launches its cooking classes

I recently got invited to Le Châtelain Boutique Hotel to participate in one of their cooking classes – along with approx. 15/20 other bloggers and of course, their executive chef, Nicolas Gadomski.

The concept revolves around the Châtelain food market that takes place every Wednesday, whereby participants head off to the Market to choose their ingredients (accompanied by the Chef) and then get the opportunity to cook with him… and finally, to sit down and enjoy the fruits of their own labour, together… in the beautiful and friendly setting of the hotel.

if a hotel has chandeliers... then you know!

if a hotel has chandeliers… then you know!

We started off our own evening with welcome drinks & canapés…. followed by a tour of the hotel….

their beautiful hotel rooms

their beautiful hotel rooms

outdoor terrace area

outdoor terrace area

they even have a dinky sauna just off their fitness room that can be booked

they even have a dinky sauna just off their fitness room that can be booked

before heading off to the Market together … (lets just say that 20 people walking through the crowded market at 7pm can be likened to “herding cats”)

Our market guys were convinced that they were going to be in a magazine!!

Our market guys were convinced that they were going to be in a magazine!!

chatelain market fruit 2

And then back to the kitchen, where we donned aprons… and started the experience by making Foie Gras Candy Floss… yes, you read it correctly… Foie Gras in Candy floss with onion jam & roasted sesame seeds (plus a spritz of balsamic vinegar)!!!

the final product....

the final product….

We each got a turn… and then stood around sheepishly grinning while watching each other, sipping wine and finally enjoying these creations.

Chef showing us how it is done!

Chef showing us how it is done!

2 plates had to be created that evening – scallops, red mullet, butternut puree with edible herbs & carrot leaf juice… plus our dessert, which was a red fruit Charlotte

Chef's plate

Chef’s plate

My "constructed" plate

My “constructed” plate

chef's plate

chef’s plate

My plate

My plate

It was a truly fun evening!!! There were moments where things were explained in French & I had to rely on fellow bloggers for explanation… but the Chef & Hotel Team were very open to re-explaining things to me in English… plus I have to say that the entire Hotel team was incredibly welcoming and hospitable! The atmosphere was engaging and entertaining … and of course, the food was sumptuous (and not just because I “made” it).

super proud of my creations!

super proud of my creations!

I do have to admit that this experience was more of a “plating/constructing” evening than a cooking one for me… but essentially, the chef designated tasks to certain groups (i.e. cooking the fish, making the butternut puree, juicing the carrot leaves, etc) & I did get the opportunity to help 2 other bloggers (Alison of Cheeseweb & Eva of HommeSweetHomme) with asparagus peeling… and special note must be made to the infamous Greg of Cook ‘n Roll who cooked the scallops to PERFECTION!!!

This cooking course can be organised any Wednesday (lunch or dinner) for groups ranging from 10 to 50 people at a price of 70€ (which includes welcome drink, Market shopping, appetizers, snacks and drinks during the class, 3 course meal along with tasting wines… plus a souvenir picture & detailed recipes made that day)


address: Rue de Châtelain 17, 1000, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 646 00 55


email: info@le-chatelain.com or events@le-chatelain.com


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