Beautiful Fruit Salad

As some of you might know… I love cheese.

Now you are thinking… “What does cheese have to do with fruit salad?”… right?

Well – truth be told – HIM got given a Raclette machine for his birthday last year (something that I have fallen in love with ever since I experience that first melted cheese meal experience)… and since then – we have actively made use of it at least once a month since October (if not more).

For those who are not aware – Raclette is actually the word that describe the scraper that is used to move the melted cheese out of the little pan onto your plate… but to break it down… think LOADS of melty cheese (flavoured/seasoned with black pepper, herbs, mustard, etc)… that you place into your individual pan (with or without other items – I love to add thinly sliced mushrooms & paprika to mine – but most people keep it simple)… you then place this pan under the grill (the machine normally situated in the middle of the table) … and when it starts to bubble and get golden – you slide it off (with the help of your wooden raclette) onto your plate.


Now the interesting part is what else is on your plate… normally boiled new potatoes, slices of bread, salad, etc… and our latest discovery is roasting butternut & adding to cooked broccoli (making your very own cheesy broccoli concoction) – plus of course using the stone above the grill to cook veggies & loads of meat!

But the thing about an evening of Raclette & entertaining is that after about 6 (or more) pieces of cheese – the thought of dessert is daunting… so the secret is finding something light but refreshing to serve….

This fruit salad is super duper easy, looks beautiful and was a pleasure to consume 😉

Fruit Salad

fruit salad 4

3 Kiwi fruit

1 Mango

1 punnet of raspberries

1 punnet of blueberries

half a pomegranate, seeded

1 orange, squeezed

1/2 cup of Port (optional)

  • Peel & slice Kiwi’s & mango
  • Wash the raspberries & blueberries & add
  • Cut and de-seed the pomegranate (you want to keep the seeds!)
  • Place all of this together & pour over the juice of one orange
  • Refrigerate for at least one hour (nothing like the crispy cold fruit)
  • Just before serving (ours served 5) – add a glug of port of each portion

fruit salad 2 fruit salad 1 fruit salad 5


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