Burgers at L’Amour Fou

L’Amour Fou (otherwise known as “Crazy Love”) is a trendy (hipster-ish) spot on Fernand Cocq (almost directly opposite the Ixelles commune buildings).

The restaurant had been recommended to me by a vegetarian colleague who stated that they had the best burgers in Brussels. I raised my eyebrows on this – as what does a veggie know about burgers… right?

WRONG – her man is a food gourmand, running a catering business and they both have some serious food knowledge between them… PLUS she did go into a long description of how everything was homemade at L’Amour Fou (from the buns to the patties)… AND that they had 3 amazing veggie burgers available (not those “veggie patties” that you buy in the frozen food section that look & taste like fake meat… but combinations like POPEYE = Spinach/goat’s cheese/rocket/apple/beetroot/cashew nuts or the Portobello = mushrooms/goat’s cheese/hazelnuts/mayonnaise/rocket/oak leaf lettuce/carrot/balsamic reduction… which is enough to make any meat-eater consider the veggie route!)

l amour fou menu

Since Angela had just returned from a recent trip to the US and of course being American herself – I really felt that she would be a good foodie partner to discern whether their statement of being the Brussels version of American diner was true, and to help me discover if their burgers were really as good as everyone claimed them to be.

l amour fou interior

I made a reservation (which I heard was also a MUST because they get so busy)… for which I was grateful as we got there at 7pm to find that the place was half packed already.

Tables are pretty close to each other – but nothing that I couldn’t bear.

The staff were pretty friendly & efficient. Trip Advisor has very mixed reviews of the service offering – and I have to admit that we did not experience any bad service at all… Having said that – we did get served by 2 different guys during the course of a 2hr sitting, which was a little confusing… but both of them were charming and switched between French & English for both of us.

a little nibble while you wait

a little nibble while you wait

Angela opted for the SMASH burger (Beef patty, mayonnaise, oak leaf lettuce, mustard, cured ham, rocket, Orval cheese, avocado, cherry tomatoes 15,50€) served new potatoes & carrot salad. This burger was devoured hungrily – but I know that she eyed my frites longingly… and we eventually shared out the potatoes on each of our plates 🙂

SMASH... now that I look back I don't see the carrots....??

SMASH… now that I look back I don’t see the carrots….??

and I had the BLEU (Beef patty, creamy blue cheese, rocket, apple, walnuts, bacon 15.50€) served with frites & salad. I have to admit that the apple addition was delightful, the bacon was the perfect crispness… but the burger was a little overcooked for me (I like mine pink – but in hindsight – we had never stated how we wanted our burgers to be done)… and the blue cheese was on the thin side. Don’t get me wrong – the burger was great… as were the hand cut chips…  but a smidgen more of the blue cheese flavour would have taken this burger from a 8/10 to a 9/10 for me.

l amour fou bleu burger 2

l amour fou bleu burger


All in all – this is a place that I would definitely want to head back to… as their entreés sounded very appealing, as did their salads… and of course – there are 2 pages of burgers to try out (from meat to lamb to salmon and of course those decidedly appetizing veggie options)

They quote the following on their menu’s in French & in English, all of which is enough to make you want to smile, nod & return….

We work with fresh and quality products
Our burger buns are homemade
Our burger meat is grounded every morning
Our sauces are natural and without preservatives
Our fries are homemade
We offer the only homemade Banoffee Pie in Brussels
Our finger food is homemade
We have brunches every weekend and bank holiday.

Have you been there? What was your impression?


address: 185 Chaussée d’Ixelles, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 325 7353



12 thoughts on “Burgers at L’Amour Fou

  1. We booked a table for 10 a few weeks ago. We booked a few days in advance because we knew that it would be busy on a Sunday evening. The atmosphere was lovely and the food all looked and tasted fantastic, but there were two major drawbacks:
    a) After going through the menu thoroughly, we were told that when ordering in a group, we could only chose 4 types of burgers. A couple of the girls wanted something else from the menu, but were told that this was not possible. We had just come from running a 10km race, so were absolutely starving and in no frame of mind to argue.
    b) I’m sorry I didn’t keep track of how long we were waiting for our main course, but it was at least an hour. We ordered a couple of portions of nachos to keep us going, but they were long empty and cleared away before our food arrived. When we finally got to eat, we were so hungry that we genuinely ate and left, with no inclination to stay and have dessert or coffee.
    Lesson learned: go, but don’t go in a large group, unless you all sit at different tables and order individually 🙂

    • I think that is a fair comment… as I really don’t know many places were they can “properly” cater for a big group…
      Having said that… 10 people isn’t all THAT big… AND an hour to wait for 10burgers is crazy!

  2. Everyone raves about this place, and we’ve been a couple of times, once for brunch and once for dinner (as a group of 8). Both times we were disappointed by the service and the food, which I think is only ok! I’ll stick to London burgers!

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