have you heard of Secret EATS?

I have watched this concept since the inception of it… especially considering that one of my favourite food bloggers was the first chef cook to provide a 3 course meal for them.

And here I mean Candice of A Gorgeous Life – probably one of the most influential bloggers in MY blogging life… and I have watched how her evolution of her original blog A Gorgeous Gourmet has blossomed into a lifestyle, travel, food & experience blog…. and she has maintained all of this with humble sense of decorum. (yes… I am girl/food blogger crushing now… but it is the same way that most of us feel about Nigella… so don’t judge me (much) :))

Back to the concept…

secret eats

SECRET EATS has been providing a bold & brilliant idea of sharing meals in a secret venue… no idea what the food will be, where it will be or who you will be seated next to… Kind of exciting, eh?

They have provided dining venues that include art galleries, private homes and abandoned warehouses. From eating underground to eating in a private mountain cellar and lets not forget the Castle experience (the venue, not the beer)… which I watched 12,000km away via twitter & facebook (while being seriously jealous!).

this isn’t just any old pop-up restaurant – this is a whole new kind of fun night out!

And I wont even go into the details of how many different cooks & chefs that they have managed to secure… but let’s just say that every dish that has been served up has had a 5star rating!

They are just over 1year old… and are offering the opportunity for YOU to win 2 seats at one of their dinners…

Awesome right? Plus the fact that I am in Cape Town for 2weeks in May… means that I am hoping that one of their dinners will *pop up* during this time period and that I can FINALLY attend one of them!

secret eats contest

Details of the contest are here

For more general details, check out their websitetwitter or facebook account


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