Sushi at Yamayu Santatsu (Brussels)

Ok, so I finally worked out that although I love sushi… I am probably more of a fusion sushi lover than a real traditionalist when it comes to this Japanese treat.


Because apparently I eat sushi the wrong way …

sushi donts

I do rub my chopsticks together (to get rid of the little splinters… but this is seen as being rude!)…
I do mix a good portion of my wasabi into my soy sauce….
I love the avocado and deep fried tempura prawns that are encased in fluffy rice shell rice…
I like to put a piece of ginger on top of my piece of sushi before popping it into my mouth…
I love the fusion combinations like Salmon and strawberry california rolls with poppy-seed encrusted rice.

But you know what? I don’t mind… because I love the whole experience and I love the tastes…

sushi dos

Which is why, when M & I were on our way to a show near Toison D’Or this past Tuesday and were walking up Chaussee D’Ixelles… and we spotted this Japanese restaurant – we both smiled, nodded and headed in (in fact, M had mentioned the place on our walk and I spent the last 50m salivating over the thought).

When I tell you that this place is “traditional” & “genuine”… I mean it… we were the only non- Japanese folk in the place!

Prices were steep … but let me tell you that it was excellent, fresh and worth every cent!

they brought deep-fried fish skins to the table in a bowl as an appetizer (I have to confess that I didn’t have the guts to try any of it)

We shared a portion of Gyoza (japanese dumplings = 8euro) – delicious

yamayu santatsu gyoza

then M had Salmon Maki (18euro) and soba (cold) noodles (12euro)

yamayu santatsu salmon maki

you add the ginger, sliced green bits & wasabi to the soup bowl underneath & then dip the noodles into the bowl before slurping down

you add the ginger (white blob), sliced green veggie bits & wasabi to the soup bowl underneath & then dip the noodles into the bowl before slurping down

while I opted for Avocado & Salmon Maki (tasty – but quite steep at 22euro) – note: the wasabi is not served with the maki – but rather already added to the maki roll (I would however liked just a little bit more… you know, to mix in with my soy sauce :))

yamayu santatsu yamayu santatsu table

I washed mine down with some authentic Japanese Tea while M sipped a Asahi beer.

yamayu santatsu tea

Would I go back? Yes – staff were friendly & helpful (and one spoke and smiled at us in English), sushi chefs clearly know what they are doing, food is fresh & tasty… and it is in walking distance. (Trip Adviser reviewers complain about the fact that food doesn’t arrive at the table at the same time… but this all part of the charm, in my opinion)

Yamayu Santatsu

address: 141 Chaussee d’Ixelles, Brussels 1050, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 513 53 12


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