Feta stuffed aubergines and courgettes

Today’s recipe is actually so delicious – that I actually start drooling as I type about it….

It was also a recipe “created” or “adapted” from multiple sources and no reference link can be given… because I combined so many idea’s (and what was actually available)… that I can’t really give any ONE blog or website credit.

I knew that there was a beautiful purple jewel of vegetable waiting at home for me (aka – “the aubergine”)… and I also knew that there was an unopened tub of feta , one lonely courgette and a plastic container of tomato pasta sauce in the fridge. All of these became the makings of one of my favourite dishes (of all time).

One thing that I have to admit – although the recipe is quite easy, it is not what I would call a “quick” mid-week dinner… it is something that you make to impress and if you are going to do it… make enough of it… use at least 3 aubergines (instead of the courgette) and remember to give yourself enough time!

Feta Stuffed Aubergines/Courgettes

stuffed veg final

1 aubergine
1 courgette
200g Feta (sliced into finger sections & halved)
400g passatta
2 garlic cloves
half a chilli
1 teaspoon sugar
150ml stock
Olive oil….

  • to make the sauce
  • Fry crushed garlic cloves in a good glug of olive oil in a frying pan
  • Add the passatta, diced chilli & sugar and simmer away for 15-20min at low heat (stirring occasionally)
  • Add the stock about half way through – and any additional seasoning (salt/pepper) to taste
  • Place sauce into an oven proof dish
  • stuffed veg sauce
  • to make the rest
  • Slice the aubergine & courgette into long strips
  • stuffed veg aubergine
  • Place the aubergine onto kitchen paper towel, salt and leave to sit for 10-15minutes (allows the nasty tasty juices to ooze out) – then turn them over and repeat the process
  • Shallow fry aubergines & courgettes (I like using the griddle pan so that they get those beautiful dark lines across tem)
  • stuffed veg fried aubergines
  • Place one piece of feta in each sliced cooked vegetable (aubergine or courgette) and roll up
  • stuffed veg feta
  • Place into oven proof dish with tomato sauce
  • stuffed veg in tomato sauce
  • Repeat until all the veggie slices are used up
  • stuffed veg pre oven 1
  • Spoon some of the tomato sauce on top of each roll & use up rest of the feta over the top
  • stuffed veg pre oven
  • Bake at 200C for 20min
  • stuffed veg post oven

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