St Patricks Day (Irish) Ball in Brussels 2014

This is our third year in a row of attending the Irish Ball hosted by the Irish Club of Belgium and it was another fun-filled evening of friends, food & fun.

Our first year was at the Conrad hotel (read about it here), Last years event was hosted at Concert Noble… and extended to almost 500 guests… sadly, this meant that it was too big, the venue wasn’t as good and the food was definitely not at the same standard (read about here)… so when we heard that this years event was going back to The Steigenberger Grand hotel (formerly The Conrad), we knew that we were in for an evening of glamour & style.

I really do love this hotel…. plush carpets, lavish decor and sparkling chandeliers… it has a level of opulence that just oozes class. And what better venue for a black tie function?

With about 200 people in the Ballroom… I hadn’t actually expected the food to be of such a high calibre… but it was… it truly was (better than both previous years by a LONG shot).

The first course was a slice of smoked halibut & asparagus terrine. with a horseradish sauce and arugula salad. (YUM… even HIM enjoyed it and he doesn’t eat raw fish!)

irish ball starter

The second course was a mushroom stuffed chicken breast served with polenta. (Another yum… I do have to admit that the half of my chicken wasn’t cooked through – but the part that was, was succulent and utterly delicious)

irish ball chicken

The third and main course arrived and of course, Irish beef steaks grilled and served with braised endives and the most amazing veggie springroll (with a dash of curry to it) that I have ever had…

irish ball steak

The funniest part of this course – and I have no idea if it was intentional or not. BUT each of the steaks delivered to our table was cooked differently. My original plate had 2 pieces that were VERY well done, while HIM got served a perfectly medium cooked steak… therefore we swapped and we were both VERY happy.

The dessert was a lemon cheesecake with a berry jelly coulis on top (I could have eaten two!)

irish ball dessert

and then – along with the coffee – a little place of petit fours went around each table (see that green macaroon? Do you see it? I ate it… and I enjoyed it ;))

irish ball petit fours

All of this was washed down with a fair portion of white wine, red wine & water…not to mention that the evening had started with a champagne reception…so, what I consider as a well spent 95€ (per person).

I can honestly say is that it was another FABULOUS evening out… being able to get all “dolled up”, laughing & eating with friends and then, finally dancing until my feet hurt… fun fun fun

PS – Kroonen & Brown had offered a special to the ladies attending the Ball => 45€ for hair & make-up application (which also included a free lip gloss), co-organised with Womonology.

Will we see you there next year???



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