Celebrating Chinese New Year

Through an awesome couple at church – we got to hear about the MABL (Malaysian Association of Belgium & Luxembourg) and the fact that they were hosting a Chinese New Year Luncheon, celebrating the Year of the Horse 2014.

year of the horse

For a mere 23€ for non-members (and only 13€ for members) – we got to enjoy 13 courses at the City Palace Restaurant in Antwerp!

Lets just say that the food just kept arriving and eventually our poor little table was groaning under the weight of all those plates!

We started off by mixing together (with our chopsticks) a plate with different ingredients – and then lifting your chopsticks (with said mixed items) as high as possible – for prosperity, health & wealth for the coming year… The higher you lifted your chopsticks… the better your chances were…  (and then of course – we all got stuck in … and ate every last morsel… as leaving anything behind would not bode well!) => salmon, carrots, green shoots, etc… Nom Nom…

chinese new year 1

Then arrived the soup… a delightful bowl of duck soup… which I could have eaten ALL day…  but because I knew that there were still 11 more plates to come… I held back on getting a second bowl!

chinese new year 2 chinese new year soup

Then a platter of deep-fried & filled wonton wrappers and springrolls arrived

chinese new year spring rolls

followed by assorted dim sum

chinese new year dim sum 3 chinese new year dim sum 2 chinese new year dim sum 1

then roasted duck & roasted crispy pork belly (which was definitely a winner at the table)

chinese new year pork and duck

there was lamb hotpot, ribs in king sauce, sweet & sour, seafood & meat tofu hotpot, choy saw vegetables (with ancient egg…. a whole other story)… fried rice, noodles…Broccoli & prawns

chinese new year veg with ancient egg chinese new year table 2 chinese new year table 1 chinese new year sweet and sour chinese new year sticky ribs

I had died and gone to food heaven!!!

and then… DESSERT!!

chinese new year dessert

The round balls covered in sesame seeds revealed a sticky bean surprised in the middle… while I managed to negotiate a second piece of jelly in exchange for the bean ball … yes, the jelly was that good (I am a simple girl at heart… sometimes)

If you are interested in signing up to the MABL association – drop an email to mablsecretary@gmail.com – as they have loads of interesting activities to look forward to in the year ahead!


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