Brewery Timmermans and “Keep on Toasting”

I was very fortunate to crack the nod and be invited to a private event hosted by Brewery Timmermans & Jean-Baptiste Nyssen from the infamous Keep on Toasting foodtruck.Timmermans Keep on Toasting

Imagine a Saturday late afternoon/early evening guided brewery tour, followed by some beer & gastronomic toastie pairings!! Yes… yes… I was that lucky!!

along with fellow bloggers in Brussels… we discovered that this particular brewery (Timmermans) in Dilbeek, just outside Brussels, has been brewing since 1702

Timmermans bottle caps

We are talking about some serious brewing committment… as the technique being used is the unique spontaneous fermentation method exclusive to only 6 breweries in the world! (PS – otherwise known as “Lambic” beer – spontaneous fermentation is the description used to explain that it is exposed to the wild yeasts and bacteria in the air – as opposed to conventional ales & lagers which are fermented by adding cultivated strains of brewers yeast! Essentially this means that the bacteria in the air is used to ferment the beer instead of actually adding any yeast… also meaning that there is no brewing at this site in summer… as it is too difficult to control the amount of bacteria in the air.)

Timmermans Malt hopper Timmermans Malt hopper 2 timmermans crusher

Coming from a former beer background – I really found this interesting… plus the history of the place was thick and there were moments where it felt as if we had stepped back in time.

timmermans barrels 2

One other really fascinating fact about the Brewery Timmermans – is that although they don’t brew beer in summer – they do have a super efficient bottling section and therefore other breweries (like Guinness) send them their products to be bottled for local consumption!

Since 1993, the Brewery Timmermans joined the Martin’s group (of finest beer selections)… but retains its authenticity & flair whilst still being able to be part of a multi-national company who has their roots firmly ensconced in British Tradition as well as  Belgian savoir-faire.

Timmermans crates

With our heads swimming in knowledge (given by the most adorable little old man)… we headed back to the bar area to enjoy our beer & toastie pairings!

peach flavoured Kriek... let's just say that it reminded me of peach flavoured bubbles!

peach flavoured Kriek… let’s just say that it reminded me of peach flavoured bubbles!

I opted for a Croq’ Veggie (Green lentils, goats cheese with fig chutney & walnuts)… paired with a Bourgongne Des Flandres. (Yum Yum Yum)

Timmermans keep on toasting toastie Timmermans keep on toasting toastie 2

I didn’t stay long enough to get through the rest of the tasting menu… but let’s just say that my previous wonderful experience with Keep on Toasting was just the same…. “Wonderful”….

An enormous Thank you to Martin’s, Brewery Timmermans and Keep on Toasting for including me in this private event!!


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