2nd Blog Birthday

Can you believe that another year has gone by?

it is officially my Blog’s 2nd birthday!!! Well – actually – I am 3days late… because the official 1st blog posting was on the 8th February 2012 (read about my first birthday here).

2 birthday

What I am proud to say is that 361 posts have been published in this time (that means almost one post has been published every second day)

An enormous thank you to everyone for reading, liking and commenting on my work in the past 2years… I love being able to share this all with you… and hope that I can continue to bring across all my favourite food related experiences from recipes to restaurants in the upcoming year!

I don’t do New Years Resolutions – but I do have a list of things that I want to accomplish before my 3rd Blog Birthday…

  1. Buy an ice-cream maker before summer… and make my own ice-cream for those sunny Braai/BBQ days
  2. Along with fellow Brussels (or Belgium) based food bloggers – get #BFF (Brussels Food Friends) off the ground (“Where Brussels Foodies can finally meet n greet”)
  3. Attempt my first poached egg (yes – smile, nod and laugh at me… because I have NEVER had the courage to attempt to do one myself…)
  4. Make my own pasta (with or without the help of a pasta machine)
  5. Complete a photography/Food styling course…
  6. And of course… try out more restaurants!! (Brussels AND Cape Town… and anywhere in between!)

What are your plans for the coming year???


8 thoughts on “2nd Blog Birthday

  1. Congratulations! Knowing that most bloggers stop after their first year, this is really a celabration worth!
    Met you at the Meet the Bloggerevent last januar in rotterdam, and pleased to hear that we inspired you to to more for and with the blog community.

    marina Meet the Blogger

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