Easy Egg Fried Rice

Around new years… when cooking and food were WAY down on my list of priorities (the post-Christmas feeling)… I did however decide to make something quick and easy for dinner one night…

so googlebox to the rescue….

And the best recipe that I found was from the Recipe Critic … and it is something that I have already re-made in the meantime as it easily can become a staple in our menu planning… PLUS it beats any restaurant version hands down!

Easy Fried Rice

egg fried rice chopsticks

2 cups of rice (already cooked)

drizzle of oil

half an onion – diced

1 cup of frozen peas (I place these in room temperature water for about 10min to take the frost off – remember to drain before using :))

1 cup of carrots – diced

3 Tablespoons of soya sauce

2 eggs beaten (I would even throw caution to the cholesterol-wind and make it 3 :))

egg fried rice ingredients

  1. Fry onion in a drizzle of olive oil in a large frying pan
  2. Add the carrots… and fry for about 5minutes
  3. egg fried rice carrots
  4. Add peas and cook on a medium heat for another 5minutes (or until tender)
  5. egg fried rice carrots and peas
  6. Remove from the pan
  7. Pour the beaten egg mixture into the frying pan and using a spatula… create a dry scrambled egg mixture
  8. egg fried rice pan
  9. Place rice, veggies, egg mixture and soya sauce into pan
  10. egg fried rice final 1
  11. Stir through until everything is heated through
  12. Eat & enjoy…
  13. egg fried rice final 2

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