Wine and tapas at Les Penates (Flagey)

It was a dark and stormy night… not really…

It was a dark and cold night … for sure…

And 3 little pigs went out to play… ok… whoa… there were 3 of us – but that is where the likeness ends! But looking for a place to play is correct. It was after 8pm on a friday night and we had hoped to try out a new tapas spot just off Flagey (they were full and we hadn’t booked – so our own fault..) #sadface

When Mr Drapper saved the day by proclaiming that he knew of another spot just around the corner…  and lo & behold… we found ourselves in a fabulous little wine bar LES PENATES

steamy windows... cos it is nice and toasty warm inside!

steamy windows… cos it is nice and toasty warm inside!

If you can’t imagine the funky painted walls and decor – just look at the picture below 🙂 and realise that this has a wonderfully relaxed and laid back attitude… ssynonymous with wine & tapas bars across the city!

cool, calm and relaxed inside

cool, calm and relaxed inside

We even managed to find a table at the back with 3 bar stools… and settled ourselves down with a bottle of red wine…

an easy drinking wine...

an easy drinking wine…

and some of their delicious tapas…

Dip de légumes (6.80€ for 3 dips: hummus, olive tapenade and something called “anchoïades” – plus an assortment of dipping veggies)

"le" Dip plate

“le” Dip plate

We also ordered some Carottes à la marocaine (around 3€)

but more importantly was the beautiful assortment of charcuterie & cheeses! (10€ for small & 15€ for large)

tasty... very tasty

tasty… very tasty

this was also served with a basket of bread… and although their menu is limited… what they do have to offer is of excellent quality and it isn’t too badly priced.

les penates menu

would I return – most definitely – as it is within our neighbourhood, the offerings are tasty and it wont cost you an arm & a leg! They also offer wifi and a big Plus for spring/summer  is that there is a terrace in the back…


address: 42, rue de Vergnies  1050 Ixelles, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 (0)2 850 82 77


Opening all days except Monday – 11h00 to 101h00, or until 02h00 on weekends, and on Sundays from 17h00 to 1h00


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