Murder Mystery Dinner Parties…. #win 2 spaces

As soon as I tell people that I host Murder Mystery Dinner parties with bookalokal… I get a bit of a shocked, intrigued and very confused look back… So let me take the *intrigue* and *confusion* out of it…


Guests can sign up for a Murder Mystery Dinner via the bookalokal website (when available dates are posted) and at least 1 week before the event, details of game, character, etc are emailed directly to them and normally include:

  • Details of the evening “you are warmly invited to join us aboard the Olympic cruise-liner to investigate the suspicious deaths of 2 fellow passengers. It is 1935 and you will play the part of ………”
  • Character name & personality traits “…. Angeline Desguys – daughter of wealthy dentist, Hal E. Tossis Sr.” – Introduce yourself in an educated English accent with just a hint of the Deep South (your momma was a Southern Belle)
  • It also encourages guests to enter into the spirit of the occasion & wear appropriate attire linked to their character (and if possible, to adopt daft accents)
  • and provides details of “the murky truth” (information & secrets that guests need to keep to themselves, unless directly asked or challenged by other guests during the course of the evening)


On the actual evening, once guests have arrived and have suitably been provided with a glass of bubbles, some canapés and are starting to get into character – they are escorted to the table to enjoy the starter and begin the game… and find out WHODUNNIT???

Over the enjoyment of 3 courses (starter, main & dessert) and lots and lots of vino – details of the murder (or murders) will be revealed and guests are encouraged to get into character, role-play and engage during the provided scripted portions of the game… (all under the guidance of the host & hostess) … plus guests will also have the opportunity to cross-examine the rest of the table.

If, during the course of the evening, a guest is informed that they are the murderer (or one of the murderers) – they need to continue to keep this secret… and of course evade detection!!

All in all – it is a fun nights entertainment for couples and singles alike…

See what others have had to say about it:

There are 2 new events planned for February, “The Porthole Affair” (Fri 7th Feb) & “The Curse of the Mummy” (Fri 22nd Feb)

#WIN 2 free spots (1male & 1female role) at “The Porthole Affair” Murder Mystery Dinner Party (in Brussels on Friday 7th Feb) by completing the following:

  1. Follow @bookalokal & @whyiamnotskinny on Twitter
  2. Tweet “I want to #WIN 2spots at @whyiamnotskinny #MurderMysterDinner in #Brussels with @bookalokal on 7Feb”

Closing date/time for entries is Friday 24th January at 12noon (Brussels time) & winners will be announced on Monday 27th January.



5 thoughts on “Murder Mystery Dinner Parties…. #win 2 spaces

  1. I don’t live in Brussels, but have had this wretched Murder Mystery box in my canteen for about two/ three years now. I’ve just never got around to arranging the party.
    I’m fully aware of that.
    I think I must dust it off and actually do this thing now.

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