Saturday morning Coffee stop at Natural Caffe

It isn’t often that HIM and I head out for a Saturday morning coffee & a croissant… probably because my logical brain tells me that we have a wonderful Nespresso machine at home already… and why would I want to get showered, dressed and head out in relatively chilly weather when I could be sipping a homebrew in the comfort of my pajamas (and potentially my bed).

HOWEVER, one particular Saturday morning in January… HIM and I were awake at the crack of sparrow-fart… and decided that we really had been meaning to pop into the Natural Caffé on the corner of Ave Louise & Lesbroussart… and that was the perfect day.

natural cafe signage

They open at 7.30am from Monday to Friday, but even though they only open at 9am on a Saturday – we were still the first people that they served 🙂

natural cafe interior 2

Offering a breakfast bar area – croissants, rolls, pain au chocolat and other freshly baked pastries…

natural cafe buffet

and then a SERIOUS coffee barista…

natural cafe interior

Both HIM and I were more than sufficiently happy….

15euro’s well spent => 2 coffee’s, 2 freshly squeezed juices plus 2 croissants with ham & cheese.

natural cafe natural cafe tray

We settled down at the bar stool area facing the window to enjoy gawking at the passers-by…

natural cafe tray and window

Would I go back? yes… it was a lovely start to the weekend, plus their salad/sandwich convenience packed goodies looked super delish…

Natural Caffé

address: 196a Avenue Louise, Ixelles, 1050, Brussels, BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 646 7214

Opening hours: Monday-Friday : 7.30am – 7pm; Saturday : 9am – 7pm; Sunday : 10am – 6pm


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