Meet the Blogger: Cafe in Rotterdam

Firstly – I had only heard of this concept while reading through Andreea’s blog, on (glorious) food & wine, where she posted about some upcoming blogger events in Europe…

Although the Meet the Blogger Cafe concept hosted in Rotterdam in January was a new initiative for the group … Meet the Blogger or more affectionately known as MTB (and not code for Mountain Biking :)) and has been the leading European organization for interior, design & lifestyle bloggers – offering masterclasses, opportunities for online personalities to meet up in person and of course with the goal to inspire!

With fellow Brussels Bloggers: on (glorious) food & wine AND the hungry explorer

With fellow Brussels Bloggers: on (glorious) food & wine AND the hungry explorer

The concept sounded intriguing… and I liked the idea of finally being able to talk face to face with twitter & blog “friends” that I had only ever interacted with online.

Venue in Rotterdam where the MTB Cafe was held: De Fabriek

Venue in Rotterdam where the MTB Cafe was held: De Fabriek

For the cost of 39.95€ (per person) – MTBCafe offered an afternoon of *meet ‘n greet* in Rotterdam (2-6pm), starting off with a cocktail (alcoholic or non); a talk on 2014 trends by UrbanFair, awesome coffee and then some delectable bite-size snacks from Klip&Koo catering.

Klip & Koo catering gals

Klip & Koo catering gals

the coffee man!

the coffee man!

We even had *homework*!!! With each delegate having to submit their own picture of what they thought depicted the trends of 2014…. and then we created a *trend wall* together…

the trend wall.... shaping up

the trend wall…. shaping up

All in all – it was an interesting afternoon – while I found most of the bloggers present were from the interior design interest background (there were probably about 30-40 odd bloggers in total there) , I did make a couple of “new friends” and had a lovely afternoon getting to know my fellow Brussels based bloggers. (Yes – we drove 2hr to Rotterdam to finally meet up for a bit of a natter!)

Is this something that I would attend again? Probably… although I would be inclined to focus on food related blogging meet-ups and probably something a little  bit more local – like, in Brussels…. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Meet the Blogger: Cafe in Rotterdam

  1. Hi Maxine, Great meeting you at MtB Rotterdam! Glad you enjoyed it.
    The food community is new for us, but it’s growing and a really nice community to deal with.
    About the last phrase in your post: at 5 april we have a Foodstyling & Table top styling Masterclass! And it will be a great instructive day! Stay tuned at our FB site or

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