Flashbacks to Christmas Markets in Germany: Monschau

Before the year really gets going and I forget to post about this… I wanted to share a few more of our German Christmas market experiences (Day 1 was in Trier while Day 2 was in Monschau).

After a good nights rest in our Trier hotel – we drove 2hr into Monschau (and let me tell you that my GPS has a love affair going with small country roads… even when you purposefully select highways and most direct route… she decides that you are on holiday and should be driving through every 1horse town along the way…*sigh*… but we did get there in the time promised… in fact, her route shaved off about 30minutes!)

Monschau is small… such that I really and truly recommend that you park at one of the P+R (park & ride) options and get into town that way – or do what we did and get there early (9.30am), drive directly into the town and park in one of the designated parking area’s before walking along the stream to the markets.

We had literally locked the car – when all 3 of us looked at each other and almost begged for a cup of coffee… and lo and behold… directly in front of us was a delightful little restaurant (whose name I can not recall).

This place can only be described as quaint!!

the coffee/cake view from the little restaurant

the coffee/cake view from the little restaurant

and their cake selection was to DIE for!

cakes cakes and more cakes.... oh, where to start?

cakes cakes and more cakes…. oh, where to start?

HIM ordered a slice of stollen while Mommabear & I shared a slice of heaven (or at least – that is what I am now calling the sponge/cream and lemon filling slice)

monschau cakes

After this injection of caffeine and sugar – we were ready to brave the crowds and cobblestones…

The market is smaller than Trier – but oh so quaint (that word again)… and the shops along the walk were teaming with goods that just screamed *buy me*…. plus the whole little village is just so … CUTE!

say it... *quaint*

say it… *quaint*

With gluhwein in our hands (unfortunately not the best) – we glanced across the dozen or so outdoor stalls … and also explored the indoor market (somewhat hidden)… before heading back to Brussels.

monschau him and mom

Finally, we all agreed that the Christmas Market in Trier was a winner (especially those pork sausages in rolls)… but the Monschau market is also a winner, just based on how gorgeous the town is and the shops that they have!!


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