Why I loved 2013

2013 was an amazing year for me… not only in foodie terms (but of course – foodie terms included!) but also in other aspects of my life… so here is a quick recap….139 new posts were written & published in 2013 (bringing blog total to 349) and these were some of yours and my favourites:

5 of my firm favourite BRUSSELS Restaurant reviews and visits of 2013 include:

The Restaurant mushroom starter

The Restaurant mushroom starter

  1. Fork dueling with Alison from Cheeseweb at The Restaurant
  2. Orange Colour themed menu concept called Eatcolor from the Brussels Kitchen gals
  3. Enjoying 4 courses under blue lighting while on a Tram (Experience)
  4. Date night-ing venue of La Meilleure Jeunesse
  5. Portuguese cuisine at Coimbra

5 of my favourite Restaurants that were visited in 2013 but are outside of Belgium  include:

this was my *main* course version


  1. The four course tasting menu at Clos Malverne Wine Farm in Stellenbosch
  2. More-ish German grub at Ratkeller in Trier
  3. Our pre-wedding wine tasting day culminating in lunch at Pierneef á la Motte
  4. Harley Davidson steaks at the Clock Tower in Austria
  5. Wildy enamoured with the Wild Fig in Cape Town

And 5 of my favourite tested Recipes of 2013 are:

white chocolate & berry cheesecake

white chocolate & berry cheesecake

  1. Summer loving with our White Chocolate Berry cheesecake
  2. Feeding Italians with Mango upside down cake
  3. Most read post was Spinach & Bacon stuffed pasta shells
  4. Most searched recipe was from Queen of Tarts, Mary Berry & her Lemon Drizzle Traybake cake
  5. Twice baked creamy leek stuffed jacket potatoes

and of course – let us not forget our charity baking events for Buttles (in conjunction with Bookalokal) – chocolate, scones and birthday cakes where we raised over 700euros!!!

And building on this fun-filled year….

Goodbye 2013… hello 2014 – looking forward to see what you have in store for me 🙂


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