Dinner at Ratskeller, Trier, Germany

HIM, Mommabear and I were in Trier, Germany for the Christmas markets the weekend before Christmas…. and of course – we decided to make an entire weekend of the German markets… Firstly by visiting Trier on day 1 and then by visiting Monschau on day 2.

We did our Trier market day and then all returned to our hotel for a well-deserved nap… before trying to find a spot for dinner.

We had tried to book a table at the restaurant directly opposite the hotel, but they were surly, looked us up and down and said “full”. So we asked the hotel receptionist for her suggestion…

RATSKELLERshe said, “Um, excuse me?” we replied. She whipped out a pen and drew circles on our map… showing us that the restaurant was just opposite the market and explained that we needed to walk down a flight of stairs to get in.

So off we went.

It wasn’t far – but all three of us would stop every few meters and glance at the map, then up at the street and the storefronts… before we finally find the door way with the sign indicating the stairs…

ratskeller sign

It was just before 7pm… it wasnt full and we were lovingly escorted to a table (down even more stairs)… in what can only be described as an underground cave… with vaulted, round ceilings and little booths built into the wall.

ratskellner interior 2 ratskellner interior 1

It was gorgeous.

Mommabear ordered a Radler (Beer shandy 2.90€) to go with her Jäger (pork) Schnitzel (12,60€) which was served with a mushroom sauce, side salad and decent portion of crispy fries.

Radler (beer shandy)

Radler (beer shandy)

ratskellner jager schnitzel

HIM ordered a “Ratsherrentopf” (pork steak, 13.90€ – served with salad, apples and fried potatoes)

ratskellner pork steak

And I went traditional – Wiener (veal) Schnitzel  (17.90€ – served with salad and chips)

ratskellner salad ratskellner wienner schnitzel

All I can say – is *YUM* – seriously.

and if this wasn’t enough – we decided that desserts were also in order. Nougat Parfait (5.90€) served with souped-up cherries (aka boozy cherries)

ratskellner nougat parfait

and a trio of ice-cream balls (3€)

ratskellner ice-cream

A place to revisit? WITHOUT a doubt… the service was friendly and efficient. The food was tasty, reasonably priced and very very generous.

Restaurant Ratskeller

address: Hauptmarkt 14, Trier, 54290, GERMANY

telephone: +49 651 75052



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