Trier Christmas Markets (Germany)

It’s official…. visiting Christmas markets in Germany in December has now become a tradition!

When mom came to visit in 2009 – we headed over to Aachen – however, we only managed about 10minutes in the Christmas markets before packing in the idea and finding an amazing German grub spot for lunch (I blame the cold of -13degrees).

The years there after included trips to Trier, Monschau, Luxembourg, Cologne and back to Aachen.

So this year, when mom was visiting us in Brussels – we just KNEW that a weekend to Germany was on the cards… the question was = “Which German Christmas markets to visit”?

HIM and I eventually settled on Trier for day 1 (because he has not stopped talking about the sausages for an entire year) and Monschau for day 2 (as it is my favourite in terms of picturesque-ness).

The drive between Brussels and Trier was about 2 & 1/2 hours…. and finding parking in the city was not the easiest task – but we managed to convince our hotel to let us park directly outside their door, check in and then hoof our way across to the market – where the obligatory sausages & potato fritters (with apple sauce) were enjoyed.

Fried potato fritters served with apple sauce - DELISH

Fried potato fritters served with apple sauce – DELISH

There really isn’t much more that I can say about the Trier markets – so I will let the below pictures do the talking!

street signs at night

street signs at night

same street, but by day

same street, but by day

trier markets

so much to see.....

so much to see…..

trier markets 2

Christmas markets by night

Christmas markets by night

trier market night 2

A place to visit? Definitely – even if it is only for the sausages!!!


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