The Ocean Sizzler Restaurant – Eden on Big Bay, Cape Town

Within a day of arriving in sunny Cape Town… HIM, Mommabear and I headed off to the mini mall, Eden on the Bay, to have lunch.

A perfectly situated shopping and restaurant development…. because it is almost on the beach and has the most magnificent views of Table Mountain across the bay!!

I have to confess that the shops have never really been a big draw card for me – although I have visited a few of them on occasion (Pick n Pay, the bottle store, clicks, etc)… but the real winner in this complex is the array of restaurants with their phenomenal views!

The original plan had been to go to Ciao Baby Cucino – however, when we arrived, we found it to be closed! (On a sunny Saturday !?!?)

So we walked along glancing across tables (mostly to see what kinds of foods were being served at each of the other establishments) and finally settled on Ocean Sizzler Restaurant which is where Sofia’s Tapas spot used to be!

Ocean Sizzler menu

Service was a bit on the slow side… but let’s be honest, we were in Slaapstad now… and things are far more relaxed than the hustle and bustle of European life… plus we had the Mountain and ocean to gaze upon!

After some serious Menu reading…we opted to do 3 plates which we would then *share*

Mommabear’s suggestion was the Meaty Meze platter (Pork Kebabs, dolmades, halloumi cheese, tzatziki and pita breads – served with a little bit of salad and chips =>R139) – which turned out to be a great concept and super delicious.

Ocean sizzler meze

While HIM’s favourite dish to order at Tapas Y Mas is Moussaka (Aubergines, beef mince, potatoes and cheese sauce all oven baked =>R79) – Poor HIM got his plate last and after seeing the size of our plates and then the size of his dish was feeling a bit disappointed… but thankfully because we split everything 3 ways – he felt much happier!

Ocean sizzler moussaka

And I was completely and utterly focused on having prawns… 8 King Prawns (served with chips => R109) – Delicious and amazing… *sigh*

Ocean sizzler prawns

all of this washed down with a bottle of Extra-light wine (cos some of us have to drive….)

ocean sizzler wine

I have to say that in reality we probably could have shared the Meaty Meze and Prawn platter between the 3 of us easily – and the Moussaka seemed to have a flavour of cinnamon!!! Which was both interesting and complexing at the same time! In terms of European pricing – this meal was super excellent value for money and even from a South African point of view, it was affordable!

Would we go back? Yes – the view and food were both outstanding….

The Ocean Sizzler

address: Shop 7, Eden on the Bay Mall, 7441, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

telephone: +27 21 554 4925

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday; 09h00-23h00


4 thoughts on “The Ocean Sizzler Restaurant – Eden on Big Bay, Cape Town

  1. Great review! I’ve always been sceptical about going to those restaurants because they have a reputation for mediocre food at a premium price. I used to do bootcamp there and found that the restaurants change hands very quickly. I must go and try Ocean Sizzler ASAP! xx

  2. I’ve only been to the Ocean Sizzler once but I agree that their food is great! Our waiter also seemed to be a bit on the slower side but he was friendly and gave great recommendations. Lovely review 🙂

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