Chocolate Victorian sandwiched with caramel and then birthday beautified

The last and final challenge for Buttles UK Great Bakes fundraising endeavour had the theme BIRTHDAY CAKE.

How would you describe a Birthday cake?

Do the words candles, chocolate and sprinkles roll off your tongue? Or are you thinking of some fantastic children’s movie inspired design using meters of fondant and requiring 3days of uninterrupted sleep in order to create???

I had wonderful ideas of making some fantastic child inspired type of cake… maybe a *choo choo train*… and then I took a long hard look at my capabilities and decided that although I love to bake – the beautification of a cake has never been my forte…

So back to the drawing board.

Fortunately – I found a deliciously inspiring Chocolate Victorian cake recipe in the Olive magazine (November 2012 issue)… what I would call a *grown up* birthday cake… and then took some inspiration from the blog of Cookie Monster – who had created something called a *hot tub* cake (a round chocolate cake surrounded by kitkat chocolate fingers…. to look like a hot tub!)

I *upped* my game and through M&M’s into the mix as well (because too much chocolate is enough too much! right?!?)

In terms of the Victorian part of the cake – a definite make-again recipe… but the decorating portion remains somewhat of a task for me… so I would happily drizzle a ganache of it and be done with it… unless of course it was for a Birthday! 🙂

Chocolate Victorian Birthday Cake

did I mention that I won first prize for taste???

did I mention that I won first prize for taste???

225g butter

225g sugar

175g self-raising flour

50g cocoa

2 teaspoons baking powder

4 eggs

100ml milk


1 tin of caramel

2 -3 boxes of chocolate finger biscuits (or kitkats)

big bag of M&M (or smarties)

100g chocolate

25g butter

birthday cake ingredients

  • Place all cake ingredients into a food processor and whiz together until smooth
  • birthday cake mix
  • Place into a greased cake tin
  • birthday cake pre oven
  • Bake for 30min at 170C
  • I used 1 tin and then cut the cake in half when it was cool – but you can bake this in 2 cake tins if you prefer, just reduce cooking time.
  • birthday cake post oven
  • birthday cake cooling
  • Use the caramel as a sandwich filling for the 2 halves of the cake
  • birthday cake caramel layer
  • birthday cake caramel sandwich
  • melt chocolate & butter together
  • Cut chocolate finger biscuits in half and dip the one side in the melted chocolate and stick onto the side of the cake (melted chocolate will act like glue 🙂 the edible kind)
  • birthday cake decorating 1
  • birthday cake decorating 2
  • Pour remaining chocolate over the top of the cake and cover in M&M’s
  • birthday cake decorating 3

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