Birthday Cakes… celebrating in the name of Charity

I told you all quite a while ago about the fundraising endeavours of Buttles in the UK (read here) and how I had signed up in Brussels to help them raise a bit of money!

My goal had been to raise about 500€ in total… and after the first event (Chocolate Cake) with 8 bakers and 10 judges and an amazing amount of 210€ raised, I really felt that the target goal was achievable! However, Car-Free Sunday in Brussels threw a bit of a spanner in the works and our second event (Scones & Jam) – we had a somewhat smaller turnout (4 bakers & 8 judges) and a somewhat smaller amount raised (120€) – bringing our total to 330€… but I kept my hopes up that our final challenge would generate at least 170€.

With 5 bakers bringing in their baked take on the theme *BIRTHDAY CAKE* … and 19judges signed up…. I am proud to announce that we managed to rack in 370€ – bringing our total to a whopping 700€!!!!! 140% more than I had hoped to achieve!

the 5 birthday cake bakers

the 5 birthday cake bakers

BIG THANKS to all of the bakers who participated over the 3 months and of course to the wonderfully loyal and amazingly supportive judges and tasters who worked their way through mountains of cake and many a glass of cava!!

In our final event – we broke down the voting categories into 2 – BEST LOOKING cake and BEST TASTING cake.

Sarah had created this amazing looking Chocolate Owl cake (and I have to confess that I was super envious… )….


M won the BEST LOOKING cake – with her coffee and chocolate inspired checkerboard cake iced and wrapped like a present with fondant icing!


Eva from Hommesweeethomme came second in the BEST LOOKING cake category with her Belgian Independency Day inspired Cake (with decorations representing frites, a tub of mayonnaise (cupcake) and a tub of ketchup (cupcake)!)


My inspiration came from Cookie Monster’s blog (don’t you just love the blog name and her cake had been called a *hot tub cake*) – but I had used a Chocolate Victorian sponge cake sandwiched together with caramel and surrounded by chocolate finger biscuits and decorated with M&M’s (watch the blog for the full recipe later in the week)…. and I am proud to say that I won on BEST TASTING


Second place for the BEST TASTING category went to Katie from 365 things I learned in my kitchen


If you would like to see the rest of the photo’s of the event and the evening – they are loaded on the Bookalokal‘s facebook page!


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