Eatcolor experience in Brussels

The 2 lovely girls at Brussels Kitchen teamed up with 4 restaurants chefs (and 1 funky food truck) to provide a pop-up restaurant experience at Hotel Bloom called EATCOLOR.

eat color sign

This concept revolved around 4 colours (red, green, orange & white – with each night referencing a specific color) being converted into a menu by well-known chef(s) from 4 different restaurants.

Mr Draper & I signed up for the ORANGE menu – which was created by Bénédicte & Damien Bouchery from Bouchery Restaurant in Brussels…. and although the cost was pretty steep (95€) – there was a lot on offer!


Mise en bouche with Proseco, five courses menu with wine pairing by Titulus, water, coffee and tea (although I think we left before they served tea/coffee).

It was a monday night, I had the startings of flu and it was raining in Brussels – but I managed to haul myself out to see what the concept was all about – and in the process, we made friends with a delightful world travelling (Belgian by nationality) couple – and got a chance to see how one particular colour (orange) could be converted into multiple courses!

We arrived at 7.30pm (promptly of course)… but unfortunately the food truck, El Camion, was running late (traffic and it being a monday with RAIN!) – but when it did…. we were ushered outside to enjoy a glass of Proseco along with a melon & cheese type amuse bouche.

eat colour food truck eat color food truck 2

eat color food truck interior eat color amuse bouche

A little while later… we were escorted back into Hotel Bloom, through the SMOODS restaurant to a dinky room at the back – painted black with hanging bulbs that truly illuminated the plates (and what could have been the start to one of my Murder Mystery Dinner Parties!) – please note that each course was served with a complementing glass of wine.

The first course was Zeebrugge shrimps, tomato and the petals from the Cosmos flower (and probably my favourite course of the evening – in what I would term a “deconstructed shrimp cocktail”)

I could eat this dish all day! (the shrimps are hiding under the slices of tomato)

I could eat this dish all day! (the shrimps are hiding under the slices of tomato)

The second course was an egg yolk with mushrooms and tumeric (and I have to confess that the yolk was perfect… not too runny but just runny enough)

eat color course 2

and the secret yolk appears

and the secret yolk appears

The third course was Haddock, Melon and lentils in a foam (of some sort) – and I have to admit that although the haddock was cooked to perfection – I didn’t feel that the melon should have been on the plate

eat color course 3 eat color course 3 again

The fourth course was Filet of Beef with carrots and dried tuna (the dried tuna reminded me of biltong – which is a South African dried meat delicacy) and the meat was a great texture.

eat color course 4

as we didn't know the menu items until later - we kept guessing what kind of meat it was!! :)

as we didn’t know the menu items until later – we kept guessing what kind of meat it was!! 🙂

the fifth and final course was Apricot, honey and orange (served with an herby ice-cream and a pumpkin pureé (neither of which I enjoyed (unfortunately))

eat color dessert eat color dessert 2

All in all – it was an “interesting” experience …. (I heard from our lovely new friends that they also attended the white menu and that this one was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!)

Is it something that I would do again? Probably – even though I didn’t understand or enjoy all the courses – I loved the concept, trying out new dishes and meeting new people.


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