Getting out of the rain in Edinburgh => Biblio Restaurant and Pub

On the Sunday of our Edinburgh visit – we had BIG plans to head into town to visit the Edinburgh Castle…. something that M and I had done on our previous visit – but something that neither of the boys had yet seen.

However – the day before had been a perfect weather day for sightseeing – sunshine… albeit not hot… it wasn’t raining and windy… which was the case on the Sunday!!

We, however, kitted out in our big-girl-panties… plus jackets jumped onto a bus (as a stop is directly outside of 94DR) and headed into town.

The problem arrived when we had to disembark off this bus… into a torrential downpour and walk up South Bridge back to High Street and up the hill to the Castle. Within minutes, we were all soaked through and halfway up the hill, I BEGGED that we stop and meander into a shop (any shop) so that I could whip off my face and just be dry for a few seconds. (let’s just say that M had an umbrella, but the wind turned this little thing inside out on numerous occasions… and poor HIM’s shoes were absolutely soaked through!!)

While within the shop – we heard that the Castle was potentially closed due to the bad weather and we looked at each other in absolute despair!! Until we heard that we could go to the nearby Museum & visit the Mary Queens of Scots Exhibition – which landed up being the highlight of the trip for me! It cost 9pounds and was truly interesting and interactive. (Please note that visits to the rest of the Museum are indeed, FREE).

After the morning of absorbing water and knowledge, we walked out of the museum in search of grub.

And within 30seconds from leaving the safety (and dryness) of the museum, the heavens once again opened up and put us in our place…. but thankfully – at the end of the street was a restaurant called Biblos – offering home-made hamburgers (and a dry area)… so we scrambled inside as fast as we could!

HIM and I ordered a bowl of the Soup of the day (served with homemade brown bread and butter £3.45) – mostly because we were cold, but also because it was potato and cheese – now this was a flavour I had yet to encounter within SA and around the world – but Mr Draper & M assured me that they had eaten this back in Canada… and to be honest – the best that I could say about this soup was that it was warm!

Biblio potato and cheese soup

M ordered haggis balls (in beer batter with neeps and tatties in whisky sauce £4.95);

biblio haggis balls

And then – all 4 of us opted for a Hamburger (served with fresh lettuce, tomato, red onion, chilli jam, fries and salad garnish £8.95) – which was perfect….

biblio hamburger

Would I go back? Probably. It is on the corner of South bridge & Chambers street, in easy walking distance from the Castle, shopping and the museum. The hamburgers were tasty and well priced and the service was friendly and efficient!

biblio bill


address: 1 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1HU, SCOTLAND

telephone: +44 0131 226 7177



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