Gastro pub experience at Salisbury Arms in Edinburgh

Just a *wee* (Scottish word for small) walk from our wonderful B&B, 94DR, was what I would call a Gastro pub called The Salisbury Arms.

They talk about being a local pub offering up fresh, seasonal food in a comfortable, cosy and stylish surrounding… “Real ale, real food and a really good atmosphere* is their tag line and guess what? That is exactly what they do deliver!

HIM, M, Mr Draper and I headed out here one night during our Edinburgh, Scotland Experience weekend… and thankfully M & Mr Draper stopped in during the afternoon to enquiry about a reservation – because if they hadn’t, we wouldn’t have been so lucky with our dinner plans!!! And of course – they brought back a copy of their menu for us to review over a drink at the B&B before we headed out…. and boy, did I drool over the options!

Having the option to review their menu before actually sitting down was a blessing – because we all pretty much knew what we wanted as soon as we had a glass of wine in our hands! And that meant that we were able to enjoy the surroundings of the eclectic restaurant dining area and have interesting conversations about books, movies and the future of evolution 🙂

M starter was Pan-fried chicken livers (in a devilled sauce on toasted ciabatta £5.75), which looked gorgeous

Salisbury Arms chicken liver starter

while Mr Draper ordered the Deep-fried brie (apricot compote and watercress £5.50) – which looked and tasted heavenly, but I have to admit that once the cheese has spilled from the crust… it is a bit difficult to eat!!

Salisbury Arms brie starter

HIM got a bowl of the Chef’s home-made soup of the day (pumpkin soup served with ciabatta £3.95); which he said was tasty but near the end of the bowl found it quite peppery!

Salisbury Arms soup starter

And I fell in love with the idea of the Chicken & Duck liver Paté (topped with butter and served with a garden fruit chutney and toasted brioche £6.50) – there was a little too much butter and not enough brioche (for me to slather on the paté – so I landed up sneaking one of HIM’s ciabatta pieces to finish off my plate :))… and OMG the actual paté was so melt in the mouth – that I could have eaten it all day (and night and week…..)

Salisbury Arms pate starter

For main courses – M decided upon the Potato gnocchi and cheddar sauce (with Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Braeburn apple, toasted walnuts and pea shoots £9.95) – which looked like  a small portion when it arrived, but the cheeses & gnocchi were rich enough to be filling!

Salisbury arms gnocchi

Mr Draper was won over by the concept of the Minted Lamb burger (with cumin & minted yoghurt, red onion, lettuce and tomato £10.50)… but chose to go *skinny* and lost the bun & fries in lieu of more leaves….

Salisbury arms minted skinny lamb burger

he also added a side portion of Dauphinoise Potatoes £3.95; (choosing his carbs wisely ;))

Salisbury Arms dauphinoise

HIM ordered Roasted Breast of Duck (with dauphinoise potatoes, orange & cardamom infused carrots, savoy cabbage and an orange & Grand Marnier sauce £14.95) – all of which he seemed to enjoy… although he does normally prefer his meat cooked until every ounce of pinkness is only but a memory….this was pretty darn close to what he asked for!

Salisbury Arms duck

And I decided that the Marinated Sticky Chicken (with lemon, honey & chilli sauce with fries and a little salad £8.95) was calling my name… and same as the gnocchi, it looked a bit on the small side when it arrived but actually turned out to be the perfect size portion… with the sweet chilli sauce having just the perfect amount of zing

Salisbury Arms chicken

along with a side portion of Roasted butternut & beetroot £2.50

Salisbury Arms roasted veg side

and finally – with our bellies on the verge of explosion… it was decided to order ONE dessert for the table to try: Vanilla & Peach crème Brûlée (with poached raspberries £5.75) – and although the consensus was that the baked custard was perfect and should have been a stand alone dessert in its perfection… because the peaches at the bottom of the dish just didn’t really work…

Salisbury Arms creme brulee

All in all – I would definitely head back there on our return trip to Edinburgh and they really do deserve the *Best Village Pub* award! Food was good, service was friendly and efficient… and pricing wasn’t too steep (except maybe for the Fillet & Lobster Surf&Turf option… but hey, who am I kidding to think that this would be cheap? :))

The Salisbury Arms

address: 58 Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh, EH16 5AD, SCOTLAND

telephone: +44 131 667 4518 


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