Brussels Beer Festival 2013 (aka Belgian Beer Weekend)

Between the dates of 6 & 8th September 2013… the Grand Place in Brussels was once again transformed into a Beer Lovers dream….


51 Breweries showcasing 350 their finest golden (and some – not so golden) fluids at the 15th Belgian Beer Weekend in one of the most iconic venues within Brussels! (Yes – there over 400 different Belgian Beers available…but I have to confess that I only tried 4!)


if you want to read about our experience from last year – click here.

M, HIM and I headed down on the Saturday morning – and got there around 11am (ish)… just in time to stand in the tokens queue (Remember that I explained the concept in the *What’s happening in Brussels in September* post – but the basic concept is to pay 2€ for a yellow glass deposit chip (token) – and here I recommend always purchasing 2 – plus it is required to buy your bottlecaps as well (with 1€ per bottlecap and most beers costing between 2 and 4 bottlecaps).

As per the concept of last year – there was *BEER STREET* set up just behind the Stock Exchange which offers a 40m bar also offering a wide range of specialty beers on draft.


My first beer of the day was Steenuilke (little owl) from De Ryck – and it was EXCELLENT! With 3 herbs coming through in the flavour and what I would consider a perfect way to start the Beer festival and of course an *easy drinking* blonde! And easy to see what it has won so many awards!!

My favourite of the day (and my first)

My favourite of the day (and my first)

The second beer was the Golden Carolus *tripel* for me and the Lucifer for HIM… from the Het Anker Brewery. With history of the Golden Carolus Tripel dating back to 1491 when it was brewed for knights – it was another beer that I would happily consume again (and again) – but lets just say that at 9% alcohol level… it is also one that needs to be enjoyed responsibly 🙂

it does look like a cup of gold, doesn't it?

it does look like a cup of gold, doesn’t it?

And him's inappropriately named drink of choice!

And him’s inappropriately named drink of choice!

At this point – we had joined a table of wonderful Scotsmen (don’t let the kilts fool you… they are Scottish – not Welsh… *inside joke*) – so my third beer was selected by HIM… Omer Traditional Blonde – with carefully collected ingredients, such as high-quality malted barley from the Loire region (France) and three varieties of aromatic hops – this beer has won numerous awards worldwide!

and my final drink of the day was from Abbaye des Rocs (blonde) and although this brewery is relatively new in terms of the rest of the stands (only started in 1979) – their offerings were more than sufficient!


I strongly recommend that all Belgians, expats in Belgium and those willing to travel to Brussels for a weekend of fun – diarize the first weekend in September in 2014 for this experience!

A mixed nationality group - Scots, German, Canadian, Portuguese & South African

A mixed nationality group – Scots, German, Canadian, Portuguese & South African

The third was


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