Bumbleberry and white chocolate Muffins

Ever heard of Bumbleberry before??? nah? Me neither… well, until recently that is!

Bumbleberry is the “new” name given to mixed berries – normally at least 3 berry types and can also sometimes even include apple and/or rhubarb (or so wiki says)

Last week – I had an urge to get baking… and blame this urge on the fact that I am trying very hard not to pick up a further gram before the wedding (and the fitting of the wedding dress)… I can’t really lose weight either – as the dress will not fit then (or at least this is my excuse)… but sure as BOB – as soon as you think about eating clean… the dancing footsteps of cupcakes and muffins (and let’s not forget brownies) come prancing across my brain.

Thankfully – HIM and the office are happy recipients of this baking urge 🙂

The recipe is adapted from the BBC Good Food Magazine (December 2011 issue) – as I used half the amount of chocolate as they stipulated (and I used white instead of dark)… plus I used the mixed berries in place of the Morello cherries… but the rest… well – the basics were there!

Bumbleberry & White chocolate Muffins

bumbleberry muffin final

250g butter, softened

185g caster sugar

4 eggs

250g flour

1 and half teaspoons of baking powder

splash of milk

100g white chocolate, roughly chopped

250g of mixed berries (you are welcome to add more if you have them!)

bumbleberry muffin ingredients

  • Cream together butter and sugar
  • bumbleberry muffins sugar and butter mix
  • Add eggs one at a time, mixing between each addition
  • Sift in flour and baking powder
  • Mix (the batter will be quite thick) – so add a splash of milk and continue to mix
  • bumbleberry muffin mix
  • Add chocolate and berries and mix in gently
  • bumbleberry muffins chocolate bumbleberry muffins berries
  • Spoon into 12 grease paper cups
  • bumbleberry muffin pre oven
  • Bake at 180C for 30-40minutes
  • bumbleberry muffins post oven

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