Mr Wei – Sushi in Brussels

I will forever continue my search for the perfect sushi….

Not that I haven’t already had some awesome sushi… I can name Rale Bol, Sushi shop and Yoko as my current favourites in Brussels and Sevruga, Sake and CTFM in Cape Town….

But when we moved to our new place (still in Ixelles), just off Lebroussart – I noticed that there was a Japanese Cuisine Restaurant with sushi pictures on their window… and seriously – what more encouragement would I need??

I headed across the road to check them out with a friend… Mr Wei (that’s the name of place… not the friend that I went with!)

Mr wei exterior

The interior is very sparse with essentially 6-7 tables in the front – a painted screen dividing the room from a large table and behind that – a terrace!

love this picture

love this picture

cool, calm and relaxing...

cool, calm and relaxing…

We opted to order 3 different plates of sushi plus some gyoza (which I incidentally forgot to photograph as we were chatting away and gobbled it all up before I remembered!)

mr wei sushi 3 mr wei sushi 2 mr wei sushi 1

The sushi was super fresh and very tasty…. in fact, the rice was still even a little bit warm (not particularly my favourite – but still excellent) and what I would call “super-cheap”… basically bottle of water, 3 sushi choices and gyoza at 28€ total!

Would I go back? For convenience purposes – yes, and of course, they offer a take-away option which is pretty perfect if you don’t want to walk much further than 20m from your own house! And not to mention cheap!!

Mr Wei

address: Rue Lesbroussart 108, Ixelles, 1050, Brussels BELGIUM

telephone: +32 2 646 50 88

no website


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